Internal communication

Workplace-independent employee app and social intranet platform on servers in Germany (ISO27001) - on request as VPN tunnel connection or on-premise on your own server.

Highest security levels

IT security and data protection concept of the platform developed with VR-Bank (MaRisk/EU-DSGVO). No use of rich text editors, Javascript and HTML. External pentests several times a year

Quick accessibility

Native App, PC/Browser version, TV/Infoscreens. Extension to your Employee Experience Intranet / connection to existing systems (transfer posts from SharePoint / AD user management).

HUMANSTARSapp Packages

Turnkey enterprise solutions for midmarket and large enterprises, subscription versions for teams and small businesses or COMMUNITY app for associations in app stores + PC/browser version.

Employee Communication, Collaboration & Employee Experience Tools

All tools of the platform are available stand-alone and optionally interactively linked with each other.


HUMANSTARSapp (Tool 1)

Employee App & Social Intranet.


HUMANSTARSinnovation (Tool 2)

Company suggestion system, tasks, collaboration.


HUMANSTARSindex (Tool 3)

Employee self-reflection (EX), leadership assessment & 360° feedback.



Platform introduction, training and implementation.