Our vision

digital employee communication, collaboration & employee experience tools - at its best.

We offer our customers optimal conditions for digital employee communication, collaboration and employee experience. On all devices with the highest security levels.

Made in Germany. So VALUABLE - especially in this day and age!
We stand for transparency and offer our customers fixed prices. Very VALUED - which makes us extremely happy!

Committed to the customer, not the shareholder.
As an owner-managed company, we remain independent and will continue to decide together with our customers how the platform develops in the long term.


HUMANSTARSapp. Family-owned - proudly independent! The original - since 2002.

From practice - for practice

We have been creating optimal framework conditions for digital employee communication since 2002.

With a focus on the EFQM model, the idea of the Collaboration Platform was already born in 2002 by the Ideas Workshop at Schindlerhof. The excellence company Schindlerhof, Winner European Quality Award of the EFQM & four-time winner of the highest German quality award of the initiative LEP, leading conference hotel in Germany, awarded at TOP SERVICE Germany 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 (1st place B2B) as well as Germany's best employer at Great Place to work 2013 and 2018 - across industries up to 500 employees - is also special award winner Knowledge & Competence thanks to HUMANSTARSapp.

The platform, which has been continuously developed by HUMANSTARSapp as a spin-off together with the Schindlerhof team and existing customers for 20 years in practical use and has proven itself across industries in more than 800 medium-sized companies, large companies, banks, law firms, associations, medical institutions, cities and municipalities / municipal companies, schools and associations in 120 countries, is available online and mobile or as an app for smartphones and tablets - to support transparency, networking, mobile communication and optimal services. Pleasure in the implementation and use of the system - the user rate of the platform is 80-95%.

For the Schindlerhof - Center for Business Excellence, "excellence" means being holistically oriented. It concerns all conceivable stakeholders (e.g. customers, employees, suppliers, partners, owners, etc.). The collaboration platform is therefore used in holistic communication, internally and externally.

In addition to HUMANSTARSindex - instrument for self-reflection (EX) / 360° feedback (digitalization of the mission statement) and HUMANSTARSinnovation - CIP (continuous improvement process / company suggestion scheme & idea management, collaboration), we were the first company in Germany to develop the employee app for digital communication and information of all employees at the Schindlerhof as a web app and PC version.

The system was further developed in 2010 as a hybrid application (HTML5). Currently on the market is the 4th generation of the app, which is designed in cooperation with VR Bank Starnberg (joint IT security and data protection concept, Bafin/MaRisk, EU-DSGVO, own servers in Germany with Docker technology - no cloud solution, ISO27001) as a fully native app specifically for the operating system of the respective end devices (iOS & Android), PC/browser and TV/infoscreens and is being agilely developed in close coordination.

When it comes to IT security, we make no compromises. For stability and security reasons, we offer the HUMANSTARSapp app exclusively as a fully native app (analogous to LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp) with a native editor & container and do not use rich text editors with Javascript and HTML (hybrid employee apps) for the entire platform (app, browser and TV/infoscreens). Since these programming languages are not standard on mobile devices, it opens up opportunities to inject malware into the app. This is proven by our regular external penetration tests.

Your data is all located on our servers in Germany. Sub-contractors are also located exclusively in Germany. If desired, you can also run our system as a tunnel connection or on-premise on your own server. Regular external penetration tests, new features and ongoing improvements in coordination with our customers as well as regular security updates are done automatically.

We love New Work. Highly motivated, innovative minds, genuine cordiality and a burning passion for work are our recipe for success.

Our team members work where they want. With us at Schindlerhof or remotely. Full time or part time.


Platform introduction, training and implementation. INSIDE meetings and seminars.

With the HUMANSTARSacademy, we have been conveying innovations for digital employee communication that have already been tested in practice by high-performance teams for 20 years, and we accompany our customers during platform introduction, training and implementation.

With a focus on employer branding as well as employer value proposition (EVP), HUMANSTARSapp makes a very important contribution to strengthening the employer brand as well as employee satisfaction.

Employee Experience (EX) is becoming a relevant lever for employee satisfaction and motivation in companies. Our platform can be expanded with all relevant HUMANSTARSapp modules and HUMANSTARSinnovation & HUMANSTARSindex to become your complete employee experience intranet and significantly help you improve the employee experience. Here, employee experiences can be intentionally designed across the entire Employee Journey. In addition, HUMANSTARSapp gives you the ability to initiate and maintain dialogue throughout. Your company can use this potential to increase employee satisfaction.

For the introduction of your platform for employee communication, collaboration and employee experience, we offer you, in addition to our conception, guide, whitepaper data protection, company agreement and terms of use, individual online training as well as workshops internal communication, kick-off on site, implementation and support of your company's platform, INSIDE meetings, hybrid meetings - all from one source.

Our founders

HUMANSTARSapp is a spin-off of the Ideas Workshop at Schindlerhof - Center for Business Excellence.


"As an owner-managed company, we remain independent of investors, exits and associated price increases. We have been on the market for more than 20 years, stand for transparency and offer our customers annual contracts and fixed prices. Very VALUED by more than 800 customers, which makes us extremely happy!" Dr. Marcel Setzer, Founder, Sole Proprietor and Managing Director of HUMANSTARSapp GmbH as well as Ideenwerkstatt im Schindlerhof - Center for Business Excellence.

Dr Marcel Setzer


Nicole Kobjoll-Setzer is Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing at HUMANSTARSapp. Nicole is the owner and managing director of Schindlerhof Kobjoll GmbH and won, among others, TOP SERVICE Germany 2023 (1st place B2B) and Great Place to Work as Germany's best employer 2013 and 2018, across industries up to 500 employees. Thanks to HUMANSTARSapp, Schindlerhof is also a special award winner "Knowledge & Competence".

Nicole Kobjoll-Setzer


Klaus Kobjoll is brand ambassador of the HUMANSTARSapp and founder of Schindlerhof Kobjoll GmbH. With the Schindlerhof, Klaus was the first company in Germany to win not only the LEP but also the highest European quality award. Winner EFQM Award & Special Prizes (European Role Model on People Development and Involvement with HUMANSTARSapp).

Klaus Kobjoll


Caramel is the cordiality officer at HUMANSTARSapp.

"Life without a pug is possible - but pointless." Loriot