Why over 850 companies have already opted for HUMANSTARSapp for their internal communication.

We do not compromise on consistent IT security and have been continuously investing in the highest security levels for 20 years - our own IT security and data protection concept developed with VR-Bank Starnberg with external pentests several times a year. In addition to security and system-relevant companies, medical facilities and authorities, more and more customers are relying on HUMANSTARSapp, strategically opting for a self-sufficient solution with planning security in Germany - even in the event of an IT shutdown following a cyberattack on existing internal systems (crisis-proof communication). So valuable - especially in this day and age!

We offer our customers fixed prices - without long-term commitment with full transparency. Very VALUED - which makes us extremely happy!


VR Bank Starnberg (Video 2018)

Schnellecke Logistics (Video 2019)


Frank Tiefel

Head of Organizational Development
"The app also works outside our bank network on our own devices. As a result, all employees can be reached at any time in the context of incident communication. Private chat groups via WhatsApp became superfluous. All communication takes place in the protected area via the HumanStar app or browser."

PSD Bank


Stefan Streit

Head of External Communications
"A wide range of communication and information options, own design options, fast and competent support from the Humanstars team in the implementation of ideas, change requests or important issues such as data protection."

Healthcare facilities Passau


André Garrels

Managing Director Autohaus Berolina
"Perfect for companies with several locations. We don't always have to share messages and information for all locations, as company-specific actions are now possible. At the same time, it is a tool for networking the locations with each other and forming specialist groups. An indispensable tool for accessing all the necessary information at the right time." 


Berolina car dealership


Alicia Nielsen

Marketing Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Kulmbach e.V.
"We use the Humanstars app for extended communication with all our employees. It is possible to add every employee, whether they have an email address or not. This means that the app can also be used to reach employees who don't have work PC access. Perfect for important employee information, benefits, press releases and much more."

AWO Kulmbach


Karl Forster

Board of Directors
"The DSGVO-compliant provision of cross-company and targeted group- or location-specific information is convincing. Comment and like functions in real time facilitate agile work in and between groups. The grouping into different communication areas (information only, topic-focused exchange, questionnaire and instruction, chats, channels) prevents confusing message clutter." 



Dr Michael Reinhart M.A.

Deputy Press Officer
"Corona has shown: Information must circulate within the company. The intranet alone is not enough for some issues. With the app, important information, such as business policy statements by the Executive Board, can be extended and intensified medially and emotionally by means of image sequences and video messages."

Ansbach Savings Bank


Alexander Pinitsch

Head of IT
"The platform is easy to use, can be accessed from anywhere, works with all common browsers - as well as with tablet mobile phones or PCs Security and data protection are optimally guaranteed. Integration of external persons is possible without any problems. I think the feedback function is a great feature.

Unterberger Group


Kathrin Eitel

Project Manager Marketing
"Great app with which we can pass on all information to our employees in a bundled and secure way. The Humanstarsapp team is always helpful and available."

Durmin Disposal & Logistics


Klaus Heinrich

"Great software development - always up to date. Well-organised support when needed. Very good ideas in the core area of employees. Especially the data security through hosting on German servers as well as functionalities that at least meet the current standard (Teams/WhatsApp)."

Schaffer & Colleagues


Hendrik Wang

Human Resources
"The team is always advising you and always have good ideas and suggestions. Support is usually same day and issues are addressed as quickly as possible. Continuous updates from function renewal to quality of life features everything is there."

WANG plant engineering


Christian Ruppert

Managing Director
"HUMANSTARSapp supports more than 650 employees in the opera, drama, ballet and concert divisions with its expertise in internal communication in all languages and takes the Staatstheater Nürnberg to a whole new level! It also enables the development of digital theater worlds and the use of digital technology such as AI, VR, AR and creative coding to expand communication between actors and audiences." 

State Theater Nuremberg


Katharina Widmann

Head of HR Management
"We have a digital platform for all of the company's employee information. This information is modern and digital and can always be accessed by employees in all languages, regardless of the end device. The professional assignment of rights is an important and necessary tool for us."



Matthias Burkard

Head of Corporate Communications
"The app has an incredible number of functions and has been continuously improved in recent years. Customer requests are responded to very quickly. The support and direct contact with the development team is great."

Time Freight Group


Lars Sert

Head of IT
"The contact and exchanges are excellent. You feel you are in good hands. The price-performance ratio is top compared to the competition."

InPro electric


Daniela Tieke

Marketing | Communication
"With the employee app, we now also reach colleagues who do not have a desktop workstation. We have been using it for over a year and are very satisfied. We like the fact that the app is constantly being developed. Customer wishes are also taken into account. In marketing, we use the news and information module most often. In other areas (e.g. personnel), however, the survey module is also used."

Schüttorf municipal utility - Emsbüren


Lisa-Marie Holch

Marketing Manager
"The software is designed to be very user-friendly and includes many tools and features such as the ability to create surveys or customize the language settings. The app can be populated with PDF files, videos, etc. in addition to photos. A great advantage is that the publication of posts can be timed, allowing for long-term advance planning."

Würth Group - Arnold Umformtechnik

Location Bernhausen.PNG

René Güntner

Owner REWE Güntner oHG
"I can customise the app with my company logo etc.. Simple structure, usable for employees of all ages, all employee data at a glance, chat function, read confirmation for information, easy retrieval of info."

REWE supermarkets


Gerd Neuwirth

Press Spokesman | Corporate Communications
"We wanted all relevant information to reach all colleagues safely and promptly. Especially during the Corona period and also now, the app was and is an irreplaceable tool to keep everyone up to date. We also save time because the effort for updates is very low and extremely user-friendly. For our needs, the tool is perfect."

Neuwied municipal utilities


Thomas Buchenau

Managing Director
"The meeting tool is great! You offer functions here that even Teams doesn't have. The sound and image quality for our association and our members is superb. Congratulations and thank you very much!"

Association of German Garden Centres


Sven Ehrlich

Project Manager SIS
"Huge basic package, many functions can easily be used differently by users, clear, intuitive, admin interface easy to use, users can be assigned to different groups, DSGVO-compliant (all data, including backup, are on German servers). Collaboration with external parties easily possible, secure and problem-free use of company data on private end devices, even small reprogrammings often happen quickly."

SIS - Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft (Kommunalservice Mecklenburg)


Christoph Höpfer

Shareholder / Director / CEO
"Platform independent - simple - scalable - comprehensive - growing. The app fits any size and covers all relevant areas. German server - DSGVO compliant. Super support and developed from practical experience."

HÖPFER&HÖPFER Hairdressers


Walter Stuber

Managing Partner
"We have been using the app successfully in our company for over 6 years. We can easily exchange information with our employees in our 3 branches and in the head office. The chat was used a bit sparsely in the beginning, today it is standard in the company. The ability to upload different formats, images, pdf, videos, etc., brings great added value to our company."



Michael Schrott-Kostwein

Human Resources & Controlling
"We have a communication platform with all employees that has never been there before. Every employee at every location is immediately informed in the local language about all important things and processes in the company. This type of communication is absolutely up to date!"

Kostwein Group


Anja Groth

Team Leader Marketing and Communication
"With its numerous internal communication tools , HUMANSTARSapp offers the best price-performance ratio on the market without any long-term commitment. In addition to the 3,700 employees at 40 locations, our volunteers and partners are also integrated free of charge."


How companies use HUMANSTARSapp for their internal communication

Selected customer testimonials on the platform's success story (available in bookstores and directly online here):

Marcel Schoon has been working at Schnellecke Logistics for 20 years. He originally started in IT, and has now switched to internal communications four years ago. The company has been using the HUMANSTARSapp since the end of 2019. The company employs over 16,700 people at 84 locations on four continents.

"For me, the price is the best argument for the app"

"In Germany, the HUMANSTARSapp is the start page of every PC here in the company. This means that when an employee starts the PC and opens the browser, he is directly on our intranet. The goal is to eventually use the app in all international locations in the same way we use it in Germany. We are already very far advanced in the international rollout, but have not yet completed it.

The HUMANSTARSapp is the first software licensed to all employees worldwide. This is truly a first. We are talking about 17,000 employees worldwide. Basically, we have the following statement: For PCs in the company, use is mandatory. For mobile devices, it's voluntary because we can't force anyone to download anything onto their private device. But the sign-up numbers are very high. In Germany, we have locations like Glauchau, where we regularly have registration figures of over 60 percent.

We also had an intranet before. But with that, we only reached the people who work at the PC.

We then installed TVs in the halls, but wanted to go one step further. Our employees now have the option of installing the HUMANSTARSapp on their business devices or personal devices. That's important for us in that we have about 25 percent PC employees who use the app on their computers. The other 75 percent are store floor employees, people who work in logistics who don't have PCs. Not all of them have business devices, which is why it's practical for us that they can also use the app on their personal devices.

The 25 percent of PC users use the chat function less. The operational employees use the chat with different groups. In this way, we are trying to replace other chat programs such as WhatsApp. This has not yet been 100 percent successful, but I know that very many employees use the chat function.

We didn't plan to use the app at all sites at the beginning.

Just before Corona, we tested it at our site in Glauchau with 600 employees. The team there had said they would like to work on their internal communications. During the time of the test, Corona then came up. We were required, just like all other companies, to distribute various legislative documents to all employees in a timely manner. And the app allowed us to quickly reach employees in Glauchau. Previously, communication there was only via notices and slips of paper. That's why the app was very quickly well accepted at this location. And that, of course, was the perfect example for using the app at our other sites as well.

One advantage this app has over other employee apps: Users are created and deleted fully automatically.

We have docked the system onto our HR system. And if a new employee is created in the HR system today, he or she will automatically be in the employee app tomorrow and will automatically get access data. If someone leaves the company, access is blocked 24 hours later at the latest. This feature was easy to set up and makes the administration effort for us really very low.

Since it's an application that affects a lot of people, it's normal to encounter a little resistance.

That's why it was especially important to me that this app does better what others have been criticized for. Things like usability, clarity, and sharing information that really interests employees. It has to contain the topics that are discussed on the floor. That's why it's also important for us to have groups for the individual sites where people can discuss things in smaller circles. And one for all sites in Germany, where information is discussed that affects everyone. I like the fact that information can be distributed in such a targeted way.

Popular information

We have a benefit system that includes things like company sports, discounts for external portals, or bikes that you can lease. A particularly large number of people obtain information in this area. But employees are also often interested in general information about our other sites. Many have commented positively on the fact that they also get to hear about other sites.

I find the multi-mediality particularly positive.

The fact that we can post videos in the app is very practical. We recently changed our waste system in one location because we wanted to organize ourselves a bit more sustainably. Then we simply shot a short video, spoke quickly into the camera and sent it to everyone at that location. That took a minute and a half; printed, it would have been three pages of PDF. We do that more often now: these videos are a minimal effort and reach people much better than written messages.

The price is the best argument for the app for me.

Compared to other app providers, we pay a quarter to a fifth less with the HUMANSTARSapp. Because the higher you license, the significantly cheaper it gets per user per month. And that was already a huge difference compared to the competitors.

Exceptional customer support

I worked in IT for 16 years and managed at least 50 different IT systems there. That's why I know: The contact from the customer to the manufacturer is really extraordinary with the HUMANSTARSapp. They try to incorporate customer wishes and feedback into the development. Of course, that doesn't always happen overnight, but you can definitely see that they listen very much to the opinions of the customers. That's already very different from competitors."

As a member of the Board of Directors of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Starnberg-Herrsching-Landsberg eG, Josef Pölt is responsible for IT, among other things. The company employs around 450 people. Since 2018, many corporate communication topics have been run mainly via the HUMANSTARSapp.

"For a lot of information, the most important means of communication in the bank."

"I may be close to retirement, but I can claim to be up to date on IT issues, both at home and at work. When I boot up the computer in the office, the HUMANSTARSapp starts up. I get an overview of the blogs. We have blogs set up for each department and various topics. I'm an admin, which means I see everything, even if I don't read it all. I have my favorites folders set up that show me everything important.

All of the bank's employees use the HUMANSTARSapp, as do the top management. as a matter of course.

As a bank, we have extremely strict requirements when it comes to our IT. We were looking for a tool for our corporate communications that could run outside our systems on a secure basis. To switch to WhatsApp or something similar is, of course, completely out of the question for a bank from a regulatory point of view. We had an intranet, albeit based on Lotus Notes - over 300 databases! - which also doesn't work on smartphones, but can only be used at the workplace. So it was not possible to reach employees outside working hours. 

We talked to various providers and got in touch with the HUMANSTARSapp, Marcel Setzer and his team. We put our heads together. Back then, the app was nowhere near where it is today. And to this day, we are probably the most critical customer of all, always demanding innovations.

We have played a big part in the development that the app has taken with our requirements and ideas for improvement. Other providers would not have been as accommodating as the HUMANSTARS team.

That's why we decided to use the HUMANSTARSapp, also because of the good price-performance ratio. WhatsApp groups are now banned in our company. This is simply a supervisory issue.

We started with five databases that we put into the app and deleted from the Lotus Notes intranet in exchange. If an employee needed that information, they had to use the new app, there was no other option. I think we allowed a 14-day transition period. The changeover went well in most areas, even though there are always employees who mourn the old.

Today, the app is very well recognized, also because it runs smoothly on the smartphone and iPad. runs.

Today, we still use Lotus Notes databases in parallel, a quite extensive new software in the personnel area, in which strictly confidential data is stored, and the HUMANSTARSapp for employee communication. In the case of the HUMANSTARSapp, we are very involved in its further development and also in ensuring that the app is used in more and more companies. We are much more than just a reference here.

Out of conviction, I have already personally presented the HUMANSTARSapp to many and thus certainly contributed greatly to its dissemination.

Our employees like the fact that they can comment and share information in the blogs we have set up in the app. We want the app to be used more and more in the company, in all areas, and to make meetings superfluous, for example. The rethinking process is in full swing here.

The app also helped us a lot during the pandemic period

When this started with Corona, we were already using the HUMANSSTARSapp. We were well
prepared, and also already had mobile workplaces, because we had already focused on this topic before. So by March 2020, 70 percent of all employees were already working from home. That went relatively quickly. I myself like to use voice recognition when I post or comment on something in the HUMANSTARSapp, because I don't work on a computer, but prefer to use an iPad or smartphone. It's simple and straightforward. The app has clear advantages over the other systems in our house.

For example, we have the so-called VIP news - with this I usually reach up to 70 percent of the workforce within four hours.

Even though we don't have a great deal of freedom of movement and decision-making from a regulatory point of view, because as a bank we are subject to supervision by BaFin, with strict specifications for our IT, we have been able to simplify a lot of our communication through the HUMANSTARSapp. Although I can't see who has read what and when, I can still see which topics are of great interest and which are of less interest.

By switching off redundant systems and relying solely on the app in many areas, our communications have become more efficient.

Internal communication via an app like the HUMANSTARSapp, that's an exciting topic. If you look at how the topic of communication is still handled in many companies today: it's a disaster. In many cases, people don't dare approach such a topic. For us, the HUMANSTARSapp is the most important communication tool in the bank for a lot of content. Not for everyone, but for many. And if I have to shout to an entrepreneur why he can choose the HUMANSTARSapp with a clear conscience, I say: simple, fast, cheap. And the cooperation with Marcel Setzer's team has been very, very good for many years."

René Güntner has been with REWE for 24 years and has been an independent REWE merchant with three stores and 100 employees for 17 years. He implemented the HUMANSTARSapp as an info channel in his stores in 2015.

"Contemporary, modern and works!"

"Anyone new to our company enters their data into the app, their photo, and from then on, communication is up and running, visible to everyone. My managers and I are the main users when it comes to posting information. The nice thing is that we are reaching our employees well. We can see that in the open rates of the posts.

Our opening hours are from seven to midnight, so I'm open 17 hours and work 18 hours because the first shift starts at 6. Reaching all employees at the three locations who are there at different times is only possible via the HUMANSTARSapp. Even temporary employees who are only there sporadically can be informed directly and quickly.

Via push messages everyone sees when there is something new

On the weekday, on the weekend or at dinner - our employees use the app when they have time and feel like it. We don't control that. Our recommendation: take a look in the morning when you start work and in the evening before you go home, then you can't miss anything.

Calling in sick on Sunday evening is easier to deal with than Monday morning

Of course, fast communication makes a lot of things easier. We are all in touch via chats. I always try to respond within six to eight hours, or at least give a "thumbs up" or "that's okay. Nothing gets lost there. I've made the app available as a communication channel - that's where my employees can also expect me to respond to questions and take note of info from them. Especially when there's something unpleasant, such as a sick call, written communication is easier and the inhibition threshold is lower than when you have to pick up the phone.

We came to the HUMANSTARSapp because we were looking for a contemporary communication channel

And we wanted a solution for everyone and for everything. We quickly came to trust Dr. Marcel Setzer and his team. I also like the fact that the servers are located in Germany and the system is ISO 27001 certified. I can tell that the app is well received by anyone new to us. Employee apps like this don't seem to be very common in our industry yet.

Yet it's so simple: duty rosters no longer need to be printed out and posted. Such info is now available paperless on any smartphone thanks to the HUMANSTARSapp.

The beginning with the app was no problem at all for us. Of course, you first had to run after everyone until data and photos were in. There were also a few "teething problems" because we were among the early users. But the app has developed great since our launch and new features are added all the time. Most recently, we integrated a feedback function. The new functions are always an offer: You can integrate those that make sense for your own business.

There are practically no queries about the app on the part of the employees

Everything is self-explanatory. Okay, we have one employee who doesn't even own a smartphone. But what do I need to torture her for? One employee, that's one percent - 99 percent of all employees use the app, and all new ones anyway. That's where it comes naturally. For the last three or four years, I can't recall any demand or anyone not getting along with the app. In fact, the only classic is "I've forgotten my password. But that's not the app's fault!

A platform that everyone likes to use

That is our goal. Since all deployment plans are now only stored in the app, everyone uses it anyway. Chatting, liking, uploading information - the options are popular. For managers, the app has another advantage: You're not always there. Especially temporary employees who are only there from 8 p.m. to midnight are hard to catch in person. You can stay in touch via the app, as an information channel or for chatting.

I like the look & feel

I have organized images myself so that the app is clearly recognizable as the app of my stores. The app is called Güntner Team, with our logo. In this way, we also create a bit of identification. All in all, the HUMANSTARSapp is an indispensable, everyday working tool for us. It's contemporary, modern, and it works." 

Gerd Neuwirth is press spokesman for Stadtwerke Neuwied, a medium-sized energy supplier for the city of Neuwied. A second company, Servicebetriebe Neuwied, is located at the same site and is responsible for services such as cemetery maintenance and street cleaning. The companies have been using the HUMANSTARSapp since 2018.

"No matter what the question - within the shortest possible time we get an answer!"

"At our company, the HUMANSTARSapp is the medium where employees can find all the information they need. Many of our employees have an e-mail account through which they can be reached - but not all. The colleagues who work outside for the company, for example in street cleaning or green maintenance, are not so quickly completely accessible by e-mail. We used to put up a notice when we had important information and tell people "Please pass this on to your colleagues." But the distribution channel was suboptimal: we never knew who was now in the know and who was not. There was an intranet before, but it was not very well maintained, it was confusing and some of the colleagues did not have access to it at all.

At the time, we were looking for a system that was relatively lean

We didn't want an app where you have to fight your way through the depths of a system. But one in which the most important information is clearly arranged and always within easy reach. Extensive intranets are often so complicated that you can't find the things you're looking for. We upload all kinds of relevant information on everyday issues in the app. For example, information from the HR department on business trips, working hours or company agreements. Or simply on questions like "What do I do if I have a positive rapid test?" Or "How do I submit a sick note?" Some people get sick for the first time after two years with us and don't know how the sick call process works. And instead of calling around, they can just look in the app. That's not only very practical, it also takes the pressure off because there are fewer inquiries.

Almost all employees now have access to the app

It is also important to us that important information reaches all colleagues and that they learn news from the company directly and, if in doubt, not first from the newspaper. Now we always upload everything important, including press releases, to the app. We also sometimes use the push notification function for this. New colleagues receive a handout at the beginning and can then work with the app within a very short time.

There were small teething problems when we first launched the app

At that time, it was being extensively revised and there were always updates, which was sometimes a bit annoying. We were a bit of a guinea pig for Dr. Setzer. But these teething troubles have long since been resolved and today everything runs smoothly. If we do have problems, we can always turn to the customer service. We are very happy with it: no matter what the question, we get an answer within the shortest possible time. That's really a point that you only find with a few software providers.

The app got another big boost from Corona in the spring of 2020

After the introduction of the crisis management team at the time, we regularly posted information. Word got around and a lot of people wanted to have the latest information available at the click of a button. The bulletin board was no longer the solution - but we suddenly had the problem that 80 people wanted access at once, or no longer had their access data. The customer service helped us enormously there, too. Overall, the app offers more possibilities than we currently use. I have no feedback from colleagues that they are missing anything. That's why I'm always happy to recommend the app to other companies: we're very satisfied.

Since 2016, André Garrels has been managing the Autohaus Berolina Group together with his colleague Anto Ljubas. With the HUMANSTARSapp, the employees in all four GmbHs and at all six locations have been networked and well informed at all times for over two years.


"An indispensable tool for accessing all the information you need at the right time"


"By 2030, Germany will be short about 5 million workers. We're all fighting for employees, so you can't afford to miss out on something aimed at attracting them! I can't imagine working in a company that doesn't have an employee app. That would be missing an important building block in communication.


We introduced the app as part of a larger strategy to improve communication between employees. We had an intranet before, but it didn't allow for much dialogue: a few posted, the others read. So we looked for a tool with more options that was much more modern - and found it in the HUMANSTARSapp.


What does a company do to be interesting for its employees?


The app is also very valuable for recruiting. In job interviews, I like to mention that we have this tool, and the applicants are always very interested. Because it sends the signal that we are a modern company. As an employee, you are flexible, you can look at the app on vacation just as you can during your break. Staff departures are also a problem. That's where we found out: We could absorb some of this if we were able to provide better support, including onboarding. The app was an important tool for this. In the future, we want to send new employees the login link to the app between their signature and their first day at work so that they can become part of the company.


Although the introduction is associated with effort, I can only recommend it to everyone


Right at the beginning, we wanted to find our own name for the app and had our employees vote on it. They chose TeamNet, so everyone was able to participate in the launch. Together with an agency, we also designed a logo for TeamNet. The launch involved a certain amount of work, but I can only encourage everyone to do it: It's worth it!


An editorial team exploits all the possibilities of the app


Definitely necessary, in my opinion, is an editorial team. In the beginning, we posted messages as they came in. Sometimes there were three in one day and then none at all for ten days. The employees' interest suffers as a result: If they keep seeing the last post for days on end, they get bored. Now we have an editorial schedule so that something new is published every day, because most of the news, such as new product launches, the introduction of new employees and information that is not time-critical, can be easily planned.


App increasingly becomes the unavoidable information network


We are currently expanding the app as a reference tool, where you can access various topics via tiles. In this way, we are supplementing the classic posts from day-to-day business, such as new work instructions, information on Corona vaccination or events. This is because we want to use the tool more as an unavoidable information network. TeamNet is installed in the autostart of all employees, which is another reason why usage is now at a good level. Our employees find the collection of external links particularly practical: HR tool, rental program or the digital archiving system. This could also be done via browser favorites, but this way they have all their favorites together directly in TeamNet.


I find the possibilities for video messages a bit revolutionary


I myself like to use the app for video messages, which was not possible on the old intranet. Of course, it's ideal if you, as the CEO, stand in front of the team and convey messages in person. But with six locations, that's not always so easy. That's why I like to make five- to seven-minute short videos, which also works great in terms of data volume. I can simply record it with my smartphone and then upload it to TeamNet directly from my phone. I don't need anyone to do it, I do it myself, right here in the office. I found that a bit revolutionary!


Generate mutual interest with short videos


We have also recently started introducing new team members with short videos. The job interviews are also very fresh: Here, we let employees from different areas have their say and talk about their work. In this way, we aim to arouse interest across departments and promote mutual understanding.


Perfect for companies with multiple locations


Another argument in favor of the HUMANSTARSapp for us is that we do not always have to share messages and information for all sites, but can make site-specific actions. At the same time, it is a tool to network the sites with each other, to form specialist groups. For example, we recently brought all the service assistants together in a workshop to get to know each other and exchange ideas. In order to be able to learn from each other on a permanent basis, they then set up a group chat on TeamNet, as a sort of extension of the workshop.


There is nothing better than well-informed employees!


If we were to ask our employees whether they have access to all the necessary information at the right time, they should be able to answer in the affirmative. The HUMANSTARSapp helps with this. It is an indispensable tool for improving the transfer of communication and knowledge among employees. I want them to stand with a proud chest in the workplace and say, 'I don't know everything, but I know where to look!' I don't want them to feel like there's so much going on here, but no one's telling them anything. If they're well informed, they'll radiate that. There's nothing better than well-informed employees!"

Benjamin Adriani is the managing director of FLEXX Fitness GmbH with ten fitness studios in the greater Cologne area, around 60,000 members and 150 employees. The HUMANSTARSapp has been running at FLEXX Fitness since 2015.

"The tool we use to communicate our company culture and values to our employees very well and the platform where we share all our knowledge and all the latest info."

"I use the app even before I get up! The first thing I do in the morning is check the news in the app. For example, if it's someone's birthday, I have the ambition to be the first to congratulate them. Videos are posted in the app where everyone tells who they are and how old they are going to be. That way you know everyone's faces, even across sites. With 150 employees, someone has a birthday almost every day.

Without exception, all employees use the HUMANSTARSapp.

Today, the app is THE medium for communication and information for us. FLEXX Fitness has grown a lot in the last few years. In the beginning, communication within the company was easy, but with more branches in different locations, it became a challenge: How do I reach everyone? How do I make sure everyone is well informed? How can I provide everyone with training content? The issue of information is one thing. But there's also the big issue of corporate culture, which is a very important point for us. We call this FLEXX FAMILY, as a generic term. The question that arose was: How do I get that communicated, even though I can't be with all the employees all the time? These were the questions that the HUMANSTARSapp answered for us. Additionally, integrated into the app, we use the MAX (employee share index) toolbox. On this basis, we maintain a reasonable feedback culture.

MAX - this tool was also a good reason for the cooperation with the

MAX works in such a way that every employee fills out a questionnaire every month. The questions cover topics such as opportunities for improvement, well-being at work, further development, a sense of achievement, or what bothers you. This completed questionnaire is a good opportunity to exchange ideas with the respective team leader, for example about courses.

Project and idea management benefits us greatly

The topic of participation is very important to us, that every employee can contribute his or her ideas. Every opinion, every idea counts, and our people know that. A lot of good things have already come out of this, for example ideas for improvements.

Getting to grips with the app was easy for our young team

The average age at FLEXX Fitness is 27, so we are a very young team. Our employees are used to using apps - Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, these intuitive apps are part of everyday life for everyone. Acceptance of the HUMANSTARSapp was therefore high right from the start and, with a few explanations from the team leaders, the app rollout went very well for us. Considering what a big change the introduction of a new platform for communication and information means, it went really smoothly.

The app advances our FLEXX FAMILY feeling

The fact that you can get involved in all topics, post comments, chat, make your own posts - these functions are well received by our employees. They are an expression of our FLEXX FAMILY feeling: everyone is participating. On the other hand, the app offers everyone much easier access to information and training materials than before. Because we simply store everything in the HUMANSTARSapp. And it's clear to everyone that this is the central platform where all questions are answered. And if you don't get anywhere right away, you can ask the right contact person directly in the app.

I like the social networking character

The HUMANSTARSapp is a vehicle for me to transport and develop our corporate culture to
. This is my common thread. Due to our
branch structure, I no longer manage to see every employee every day. But we are still in constant contact via the app. That's actually the most important thing for me.

Today we are a lean, clearly communicating company

The HUMANSTARSapp is simply a great fit for FLEXX Fitness. It has made our processes leaner and we have created a whole new clarity for our employees: How and where to find what, training materials, forms, statistics - these are all things for which there used to be isolated solutions. Today, it's like this: no matter what I'm looking for, I go into the app, I can find everything there. We continue to use systems like Google Drive and Trello, but access always runs centrally via the HUMANSTARSapp. From there, everything can be found in a logically structured way.

I'm often asked by entrepreneur friends, "How do you do it?"

Then I recommend the HUMANSTARSapp. For me, it is THE means to communicate the values and culture of our company and to anchor them in the minds of our employees.

Frank Tiefel and Patricia Frisch are committed to the digital transformation of the company in the organizational development of PSD Bank Nuremberg. Since 2018, the HUMANSTARSapp has been used for the internal communication of the approximately 200 employees.

"The app with the best price-performance ratio."

"The HUMANSTARSapp is one of the first media opened in the morning, mostly to check chat messages or to take a look at the bulletin board. It's also easy to use on the go: With push messages activated, you can find out when there's something new everywhere, whether you're on the commuter train or on a business trip.

All communication with our teams is done via the app, mainly via chat messages. We hardly ever write mails anymore.

The HUMANSTARSapp is simply a very, very practical medium for communicating with employees. Especially when things have to happen quickly, when you need a quick piece of information, then you ask for a callback or an answer right away via the app.

The app has really changed our communication completely. The use of the HUMANSTARSapp has been internalized by everyone in our team.

All employees have access to the app and use it because it is now our main communication channel. It is also the channel through which the board of directors connects with all of us. Whether there is some problem, summaries of workshops, documents or even videos to share, or visions are being discussed and formulated - there is always a good reason to look at this app at least once a day.

We have set up several chat groups, for the management circle, for team leaders and department by department.

Of course, there are still personal exchanges, for example, when highly protected information and many confidential attachments are involved at board level. We continue to work with protocols here.

Before the introduction of the HUMANSTARSapp, most of the communication was done via Lotus Notes. We are still using a version that is now getting on in years. Quite antiquated, and we don't want to talk about it much, otherwise historians will come by and want to ask us about it. After all, Lotus Notes can only be used at the workplace and is therefore not suitable for reaching employees who are not in the office, for example because they are ill, on parental leave or simply out of town. But of course we also want to keep these employees up to date. Of course, you could equip every employee with an additional, specially protected bank cell phone, but who wants that?

Bring your own device" applies to us, and we were looking for a viable solution for this. That's why we chose the HUMANSTARSapp.

That was also long before Corona. The pandemic gave app use an additional boost because employees learned to appreciate the HUMANSTARSapp in a completely different way. At the time of the pandemic, for example, a chat group was set up for all those who worked from home on their laptops and for whom the bank's own network was therefore not available. The app runs completely outside our own network, but the data is still super-secure and is stored on certified servers in Germany. Thus, the HUMANSTARSapp became an equally secure and important component within our Corona way of working.

Change requires persuasion.

When we introduced the HUMANSTARSapp, we used our good contacts in the
circle of colleagues and intensively promoted the app, explained a lot, wrote documentation, helped with the installation of the app on private smartphones, so that the new users got along well with it right from the start. In this way, we succeeded in breaking down the inhibitions that always exist when it comes to new things.

The HUMANSTARSapp is not an information channel, it enables real exchange in all directions.

In the past, there were circulars that were rarely responded to. Today, the HUMANSTARSapp contains lots of comments on wall posts, including the occasional "like," an addition or a thank you. That goes down well and is gladly used.

We were also able to convince colleagues who initially reacted cautiously to the app. convince them.

Today, it's actually the medium that everyone uses, because in fact you can't get around it
. Our phone book is in the app - only there. Of course, this clarity has facilitated the process of change.

The HUMANSTARSapp has a lot of nice components, media elements that make
communication flexible and allow nuances: liken, repost something, share - that favors interaction. We're also much more open with criticism when a system goes down or clarification on a question takes time. There's a constant exchange.

Communication has become faster, more targeted and much more transparent. This creates trust in the company's corporate and communication culture.

What everyone likes: We email much less internally! Communication via chats simplifies a lot of things and is simply faster. We also feel better informed about the bank's topics than we used to be via circulars. It's easier to find information.

The look and feel, the user experience of the app are similar to the big apps that everyone knows and uses.

That's a great added value of this tool, that you don't have to adjust to a new world here
. You can post a photo directly to the department chat from the road, for example from an event, and say "Greetings from event so-and-so!".

The way we communicate has really become quite different.

Communication has become more decentralized. In the past, it was organized very centrally, either via the Executive Board secretariat or Marketing. Today, topics are communicated where they arise. This means that communication is much better able to meet the needs of employees, who also represent the interests of their topics and departments. This has significantly changed communication within the company. 

If we hadn't had the HUMANSTARSapp in the Corona pandemic, we wouldn't have done so well.

Data privacy is also an important issue. We used to have a lot of informal
WhatsApp groups, even though it was actually forbidden to communicate on professional topics via WhatsApp. Today, these groups have been dissolved, and the most people still do is arrange to meet via WhatsApp for an after-work beer. The HUMANSTARSapp runs in our secure environment, and thanks to ISO 27001 certification, we can be quite sure of that. Because for us at the bank, trust, including in the handling of data, and bank integrity are important components of our business.

The HUMANSTARSapp shows how modern we are as a bank in the cooperative environment.

The fact that we use an app like this for communication says a lot about our company, especially when talking to potential employees. It allows us to present ourselves as a modern employer. Colleagues on parental leave can also use the app to remain part of the bank from home. So the app has definitely become a tool that we use in the area of employer branding. The HUMANSTARSapp is now the most important internal communication medium in the bank. And as a bank, we are always thinking about money. So we can say: there is no better value for money."

Christine Jäger and Elisabeth Weiß have both been working at the Kolping Bildungswerk in Eastern Bavaria for over 20 years. They have been using the HUMANSTARSapp in the company since spring 2022.

"When you boot up your computer at Kolping in the morning, the HUMANSTARSapp opens right up."

"In the HUMANSTARSapp, we mainly use the chats and the notifications. It's convenient that this way all colleagues are quickly up to date. We also use it with end devices, as many of our employees don't have their own email account. We have 13 locations in eastern Bavaria and have around 400 employees. Not all of them work at our sites, but are also employed at schools or other institutions. They are not as connected as employees who work in the office. We wanted to share the company's knowledge and information with these employees as well and also involve them in the company.

We have been using the app since spring 2022 and all employees have been created in the app since July 1.

However, we started working on the app as early as 2020, but unfortunately Corona got in the way and other tasks took priority. In addition to the desire for a communication medium, we were also looking for a place where we could pass on knowledge to everyone. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge in the company over the years and then in 2019 we created a working group for knowledge management. To create more transparency, we decided to create an intranet. Since the HUMANSTARSapp functions as both an intranet and a chat, it was a great fit for what we wanted.

The notifications feature is very slick.

The fact that we can choose which information should reach whom - great! It's more convenient than sending an e-mail, and colleagues read it more quickly because they have their cell phones at the ready.

About 1/3 of the employees already use the app.

The app is particularly popular for chats with colleagues, both one-on-one and in groups. Until now, we worked with messenger services, which have been replaced internally by the app. The employees who do not work for us in the education center, but in schools, really appreciate the fact that they now receive information that they did not receive before. At the launch, we used Power Point presentations to explain how the app works and asked colleagues what they wanted from it. As a result, it has been very well received by our teams - so far, we haven't received any negative feedback about it. It also makes employees proud that we have our own app, which also corresponds to us in terms of design. We have adapted the layout to Kolping and also incorporated our logo.

Communication with the creators of the HUMANSTARSapp was very fast and we never waited long for feedback from them.

We are also very grateful that we had trial access for so long until we finally decided to go for it. That can't be taken for granted!"

Dr. Michael Reinhart is a humanities scholar and deputy press officer at one of the oldest savings banks in Bavaria, Sparkasse Ansbach, which celebrates its 200th birthday in 2023. The HUMANSTARSapp has been in use for the approximately 660 employees since 2021.

"A valuable tool to elevate employee communications to a high digital level."

"My first official act in the morning: I open the browser version of the HUMANSTARSapp at my workplace. It also runs on my cell phone, but I can work with it better on the screen. As editor-in-chief, I naturally know what news has been posted; after all, I write the editorial schedule, together with my colleague, and I'm the admin.

All bank-specific active employees use the app, including those who are currently on parental leave.

Sparkasse Ansbach is a very family-friendly company. If a little butzele is currently the top priority, not home savings contracts, we still want moms and dads to stay informed and up to date when they come back. Use of the app is voluntary, but we have a usage rate of 81 percent, which is very good because we have only been working with the HUMANSTARSapp since April 2021. Of course, we want it to become more users if possible.

When we got started with the HUMANSTARSapp - that was kind of a revolution.

At Sparkassen, there is an intranet, the large knowledge repository into which all departments feed their information. That will remain the case for the time being. There are companies where the app integrates everything, but at our company we continue to operate on two tracks. The app is a supplement to our intranet.

We used to have a printed employee magazine, the Litfassäule, published four times a year. This has been replaced by the HUMANSTARSapp.

I was responsible for this magazine for almost 20 years. The information in it was a bit more beautifully designed than is possible in an app, but the medium was slower. You worked towards a publication date - both as a creator and as a reader. People were used to finding out everything that was important four times a year.

Through the app, we all had to get used to: Daily news!

We try to make the app more attractive through the quality of news. We also keep adding new modules. We position the app as an independent channel, distinct from the intranet. There is information, for example from the personnel and training area, that can only be found in the app. There is also content from the intranet that we extend into the app. For example, when the Board of Management makes business policy statements on the intranet, we post a video on the app to accompany it, giving the information an emotional and authentic feel, or picture galleries. In this way, we create a good interaction between our intranet and the employee app.

The HUMANSTARSapp is a nice tool to take employees who may not yet be so tech-savvy on the path to digitalization.

Especially when it comes to quick information, as we often needed during the Corona crisis, the private smartphone is a good medium. If you remember: In 2020, there were always new behavioral guidelines and hygiene requirements. There it would have been nice if we had already had the app. Since April 2021, we have been able to use it and it has also become a fast communication channel for our Management Board. The employee app is an important digitization component in our company.

The chat function facilitates interdepartmental exchange.

As an admin, I can't look into the chats, of course, but I know that we exchange information intensively across departmental boundaries. It's intuitive to use, similar to WhatsApp, which just about everyone knows.

The corona pandemic has accelerated digitization.

However, we actually started thinking about the digitalization of corporate communications even before that, in 2019. The chemistry with Marcel Setzer and his team was simply right. Besides, the distance between Middle Franconia, where we are based, and Nuremberg, the location of the HUMANSTARSapp, is not that great. When we then heard that the Schindlerhof had received a founder award, also for the app, that helped even more. That's how we came together. And once we have taken someone in Middle Franconia to our hearts and gained their trust, it works. 

In the beginning, we had to struggle a bit with the content of the app, because we were the first savings bank in Bavaria to get to grips with it.

In the association of savings banks, we have a financial service provider, Finanzinformatik.
That's why there were a number of requirements to be met when we introduced the app, until we could integrate it into our cosmos. It's all about data protection and IT security. And data is our most valuable asset, there is a lot of sensitivity there. Again, the support from HUMANSTARS was just great. They made a real effort to do business with us. We paved the way for other savings banks and I can recommend the HUMANSTARSapp to any savings bank today.

We have a total of 14 sections on topics such as sustainability, digitization tips or internal and local topics, for example our heart for the region.

As a savings bank, we are very involved locally. There are posts with beautiful
picture galleries, and sometimes videos. The greatest interest is in personnel news - weddings, births etc. Then the information from the Board of Management comes immediately. Our health management also attracts a lot of interest. Personally, I particularly like the miscellaneous section. It contains everything that is relevant to the savings bank world, but not necessarily needed. One example: I am a historian. Our janitor found an old savings cabinet in the basement, took photos of it and asked me what it was. I then wrote a story about it and posted it. Or the topic of gender: How do we deal with it? You can find topics like that under miscellaneous.

I am happy about every contribution that is sent to us from colleagues. A colleague occasionally works as an extra on movies. Those are always nice contributions, too. That's what makes this app our app.

The HUMANSTARSapp is a beautification tool within the
employee communication.

I can't say that the introduction of the HUMANSTARSapp has changed any processes at our company, apart from the fact that some information is actually only available in the app, for example from health management. We are gradually developing the app as a tool at our company. Not too much at once. We're setting accents where we want. Right now, for example, we are testing the feedback module. The intranet is still there, that's the duty, the HUMANSTARSapp is the freestyle.

What we do here is meant to put a smile on employees' faces.

The HUMANSTARSapp is constantly being developed, we always get
information about new modules that can be switched on. The app is like a
bouquet of flowers full of buds and we watch to make the buds bloom one by one. The beauty of HUMANSTARS is also that Marcel Setzer's team is traveling worldwide. This means that a lot of thoughts on how to make employee communication better as a user flow together here and benefit us all.

It's a great network!

The HUMANSTARSapp pays tribute to our employer attractiveness. We may be 200 years old as a
savings bank, but for us, progress means tradition. Age does not protect against folly, but neither does age protect against the ability to innovate. As a savings bank, we have always been concerned with providing for people's basic needs. In the past, there was only a savings book, but now we play the whole keyboard of products. Yes, a beautiful melody that as many people as possible should hear, for good provision. It's a similar story with employee communications, where we also have to break new ground. 

My conclusion: The HUMANSTARSapp is a valuable tool for raising employee communication to a high digital level. It enables
target group-specific communication as well as messages to everyone. And the support is just really, really good."

Zapf KG is the largest lime sand masonry block manufacturer in Bavaria. The family business has existed since 1899, and Dr. Hannes Zapf has been managing partner since 1992. The HUMANSTARSapp is used here for employee communication.

"The app made it possible for the first time to send unfiltered information to all employees and all female employees at the same time"

"We were among the first users of the HUMANSTARSapp: we have been with it for ten years now. Back then, I met Mr. Setzer by chance, who told me about his app. I was immediately interested in it because it simplifies communication. Both between the employees and between the five plants. We then equipped each employee with a cell phone so that they can also communicate better with each other between shifts.

Initially, we wrote a kind of newsletter to all employees once a month from the management.

The app made it possible for the first time to send unfiltered information to all employees and all female employees at the same time. Before, we had always passed it on through the supervisors. As a result, the information was logically filtered and you never knew exactly how it arrived in the end. For me, it was particularly important that everyone received the information at the same time. Otherwise, there are huge information deficits and people may feel left out. We were able to eliminate this problem for the first time with the app.

We also use the app within each of the five farms.

In this way, each site but also each shift can form its own group. This way, everyone only gets the information they really need. The chat function is also used intensively in the plants.

We employ 125 people, and 80 percent use the app regularly to communicate with each other. The others only use it when they get push notifications. In the beginning, there were people who resisted it. Some had never held a cell phone before. But in the meantime, that has subsided because everyone has noticed how practical it is. We've also uploaded a lot of instructions and maintenance documents there, for example. So if someone is looking for something, they don't have to rummage through the cabinets first, but can simply look at their cell phone. The fact that the app is clearly laid out means that people can quickly find their way around it.

I especially like that I can send messages to everyone at once and then see who read it.

That way, I know exactly who I need to talk to again personally. That also helped us at the beginning of the Corona period. You often didn't have much time to implement something in the company. On Thursday, we had a new regulation that needed to be implemented on Monday. The app enabled us to disseminate all the information quickly, which probably helped us cope better than without the app. We also still have our Corona regulations uploaded in the app and are constantly updating them.

For privacy reasons, we didn't want to get into any American apps.

That was a big argument for us that the HUMANSTARSapp is hosted in Germany - and then also with us around the corner! I'm very happy that we've been able to use the app for so long and I'm also pleased that it's constantly being improved. As a user, you can always choose whether to take changes with you or not. I like that flexibility."

Thomas Lührmann took over Metallbau Lührmann GmbH in Rostock from his father in 2007. He introduced the HUMANSTARSapp at the end of 2019 as a communication and information platform.

"It's like we have a corporate Facebook - mega!"

"I use the HUMANSTARSAPP every day, on my cell phone and on my computer. My employees can always reach me quickly through the chat if they want. We also share absences or photos of completed projects there. Once a week, I also post the "News of the Week" in video format. I tell them what has happened in the company in the last seven days and what will happen in the next week. These videos are always five to seven minutes long. Also, when I'm in the hall and speak at company meetings, we film that and upload it to the app. That way, we make sure that all employees are on the same level of knowledge.

We have experienced tremendous growth.

My father founded Metallbau Lührmann in 1986. When I joined the company in 2007, we had 12 employees - today we have just under 100. With such growth, it is especially important to pay attention to good communication, which is why I introduced the HUMANSTARSapp at the end of 2019. I wanted to be able to reach all my employees with information.

We did have a bulletin board in the company, but that was not enough.

If someone wasn't there, he didn't get important information. Or if he forgot to look at the board. Besides, I didn't want to play silent mail anymore: If I give a piece of information to my ten department heads, there are naturally ten different approaches. This distorts the information and it doesn't arrive in the same way everywhere.

At our company, 80 percent of employees regularly use the HUMANSTARSapp on their smartphones.

Some don't have smartphones, so they use them less often, on the computer. It took a while to convince everyone of this. I ran into a tank door during the introduction, that's how strong the resistance was. But we did a lot to show employees how useful the app is. We started by taking down all the bulletin boards. And when an employee came to the department head with a question, they were told to "Look it up on the app!" As a result, the team quickly realized how handy it is to have all the information available at all times.

We also use the employee evaluation function, once a month, and the manager evaluation function, once a quarter.

Previously, we did this on a paper slip, but now we can do it digitally in the app. In the employee evaluation, the employee fills out the form and then has a conversation with the manager. This gives us the opportunity to quickly identify and discuss potential problems or requests. That's helpful because we want to keep getting better as a company, and to do that we need satisfied employees.

We produce assemblies from steel, aluminum and stainless steel at our company. Especially in the craft sector, it's not a matter of course to have your own app, because not everyone works on a computer. The employees really like the fact that they can all communicate with each other and get all the information at the same time. They can also share photos of completed projects. That strengthens the team feeling. It's a bit like having a company Facebook - mega!"

Alexander Pinitsch is IT manager for the Unterberger Group, which consists of car dealerships, real estate and leasing companies. Since spring 2021, the 750 employees of the family business in Germany and Austria have been using the HUMANSTARSapp.

"It's quite something to say: we have our own app".

"As soon as someone is hired by us, they get access to the employee app. That way, he can get an idea before he even starts working. There is an image film where the Unterberger family first introduces itself. Then they present the added value of the app. As a result, employees use the app from day one. Everything we communicate to the companies, we put in the app.

I work 100 percent on the computer. So if anything is posted on the employee app, I check it immediately. For example, we post photos of our events or the Christmas party, or introduce new employees. That way, you always know directly what's going on in the company.

From the very beginning, we tried to convince all of the Group's employees to use the app.

Because the app is great - but only if employees use it. That's why we've launched competitions. We ask estimation questions, for example: "How many cars will we have sold in 2021?" And whoever comes closest with their estimate gets a gas voucher.

The app has facilitated communication during Corona.

During the Corona period, we were concerned with finding a communication channel to our employees that would allow us to get information to them in a timely manner. Since we have a lot of trade workers like mechanics or painters who don't have PC access, email wasn't an option. We looked at many communication platforms and finally landed on the HUMANSTARSapp. Here, we have all user contacts in one place and can reach everyone in a flash without having to switch to a messenger or another platform first. And we can do that even when they're at home.

The app is great for our employer branding.

This is really important because we can present ourselves very well on the platform. It's also something special to be able to say: We have our own app. This also gives us a certain employee loyalty. Many of our employees were very pleased with the app because it is easy to use and the design is based on other social media platforms. With our size, it was difficult to keep in touch with everyone before; now we can include everyone. Some employees were afraid at the beginning that they would be controlled by the app. But we were able to take that fear away from them: You don't need anything from him, not even an email address. All he has to do is download the app on his phone and he can get in and he has all the information. The best part is that you don't have to worry about privacy, unlike other chat platforms.

Everyone only gets information that is relevant to them.

We have 18 car dealerships. In turn, there are different departments in each dealership: Sales, Dispatch, Workshop, Operations Management. In order to reach the key users relatively quickly, communication has to be as simple as possible. That's why we created a group for each department so that no one is flooded with information."

Heiko Mencke has been the managing director of the Mencke Gartencenter in Sprockhövel near Hagen since 2009. For him, internal communication is the main argument for the HUMANSTARSapp, which he has been using in his company for four years. 

"The app makes all employees feel included."

"We use the HUMANSTARSapp primarily as an information medium and have thus completely replaced the bulletin board. My focus is very much on employee development. One of my goals is to involve employees' ideas more and thus create a pleasant, positive interaction and use this for our growth. That's why internal communication is very important to me. The app is a good way for my company to share information transparently with all employees.

We consist not only of a garden center.

In addition to our classic garden center range, we also have a large gift and decoration range, a café with 140 seats and a small food store at our location. We also give seminars for customers on topics such as plants and many decoration and handicraft topics. All this happens on 6000 square meters with 80 employees. 

Five years ago we did a workshop at Schindlerhof with Klaus Kobjoll.

At that time, he also told me about the HUMANSTARSapp and how he uses it in the hotel. That's when I realized that we have similar conditions: different working hours, different departments and open seven days a week. We never have a time when all employees are there at the same time. Now they can also access information from home. For example, rosters or sales figures. 

We also use the app as an onboarding aid for new employees.

And we have an "emergency folder" with explanatory videos. For example, "What do I do when the alarm goes off?" That's so interesting that everyone actually takes a look. Fortunately, the app is also designed to be clear and easy for everyone to understand. 

The personal conversation is and remains the most important thing for us.

But the app is great for reading up and getting information. All employees have access and can download the app. But we also have several PCs in the company that all employees can use to log in. At the beginning, there were a few hurdles with the technology, because not everyone is very familiar with digital. In the meantime, however, it works well.

Each department has its own board where employees can share information.

I especially like that one person can be in many groups. In some, the app is used more intensively, for example in the checkout department. That's where the shift changes are the greatest and they have the least chance to see each other together. That's where it's very important to be able to look from home to see what the status is. It is also used very intensively in the marketing department.

This succeeds in creating end-to-end transparency in all departments.

Now I can look in the app to see what new information there is and work through it in order. That way, nothing gets lost. And: It's strengthening for the togetherness, because everyone can inform themselves independently. No one misses anything. In the past, there was often the phrase, "I didn't catch that!" Today, we no longer hear this complaint. The fact that everyone is informed may sound terse, but it is very important, especially in a company of our size. So that everyone feels included and no one feels left out."

Elke Stein has worked for over 40 years, currently as a product manager, at Peras GmbH, a highly specialized provider of personnel services. Establishing a tool for internal communication was a matter close to her heart. The app has been in full operation for all 280 employees* since summer 2021.

"Like a home for our team"

"Before we had the HUMANSTARSapp, everyone worked in their own department and didn't really know what the others were doing. So back then we started an employee project on the topics of communication and information. I was directly interested in this project because I saw a high level of efficiency in our daily interaction in this area. The guiding question was: How do we improve communication and information processes and thus promote collaboration? It became clear to us quite quickly that we needed a kind of intranet, a platform with a fast search function and where all information is consolidated. After a market analysis, we quickly decided on the HUMANSTARSapp.

The app has increased mutual appreciation

And we haven't regretted the choice to this day: The app has greatly improved the quality of the flow of information among us, especially across departments. We are now networked and all have the same information. This has increased our appreciation of each other: We feel good as employees. The HUMANSTARSapp is like a kind of home for our team, where we can share information and that clearly contributes to satisfaction. We can also find comrades-in-arms in the app for new topics, such as our current employee project "Sustainability", and benefit from the swarm intelligence.

Customizable and suitable for any industry

By the way, we came across the HUMANSTARSapp by chance: One of our customers, a VR bank we support, recommended it to us and the enthusiasm quickly spread to us. This also shows me how flexible the software is for designs. After all, a bank has completely different needs than an HR service provider. For them, the app also looked completely different than ours does today. We were able to individualize the layout to a great extent and adapt it to our corporate identity, use our colors, and integrate our logo. That way, we as a company are reflected in the app, which was also a big factor in the decision.

We really got stuck in to get everyone excited about the app

When it was introduced, there were different camps: some understood right away that it would make the exchange of information better and faster, while others asked, "Do we have to do this now? But we advocates from the employee project were so active with the app that many people gradually followed suit. As part of the rollout, we offered webinars, slides, and a film explaining how to use the app and tried to ease colleagues' fear of touching it. On the fly, we commented, liked, posted.... That was really a lot of contributions we made. But: pointing it out again and again was worth it in the end, because "a steady drop wears away the stone".

Meanwhile, even the skeptics are convinced

Today, the majority of colleagues use the app regularly. All 280 employees have it as their homepage in their browser to increase their presence. Those who have a work cell phone can also use it on the move. We don't have an analysis of who uses the app and how often, but around 150 colleagues regularly read it. That's already a success! We were able to increase this number significantly by adding external links, for example to time tracking or corporate benefits. This has given us a real push. In this way, we have once again convinced many of those who had previously been more reluctant to use the app.

I like best the simple functions like the pinboard and the employee directory

Our Paras news is particularly popular and the most read. Personally, I also really like our employee directory, which works like a phone book. What's particularly practical is that you can store additional information. For example, I've recently joined the works council, and I've added this as a keyword along with the other members, so that colleagues can find us very quickly when they enter this search term. Others say that the pinboard is totally cool. It's easy to exchange information, for example, about the "Active Lunch Break," or to open tiles on specific topics, such as the search/offer/swap tile. There's a lot of life in there!

Exploit all possibilities step by step

However, we have not exhausted all the possibilities of the app, which would be too much for us at the moment. We prefer to adapt the app to our own company requirements and introduce the various functions step by step. The feedback function, for example, is still in its infancy for us. So far, it's been used little or not at all, but I see a lot of potential for the future.

This is an absolute must nowadays

An employer that doesn't have an intranet? That has a negative effect. Applicants already perceive this as normal, not necessarily as positive anymore. A platform like the HUMANSTARSapp is therefore an absolute must these days and can be quite decisive in recruiting.

Sympathetic, user-friendly and good value for money

The fact that we chose the HUMANSTARSapp at that time was mainly due to the fact that the team around Dr. Marcel Setzer was very likeable and they talked to each other as equals. To date, we are very satisfied with our choice because the app is quick to implement and very user-friendly, because it has a good price-performance ratio, and because it offers a high level of functionality overall. You can really let off steam!

* All personal designations apply to all genders.

Thomas Buchenau has been managing director at the Verband Deutscher Garten-Center e.v. for two years. They have been using the HUMANSTARSAPP there for a year and a half for both internal and external communication.

"This software is excellent for communication"

"I and my five employees use the HUMANSTARSapp every day, especially the chat function. The security aspect is important for us: We all work in a home office and therefore communicate a lot online and sometimes exchange confidential data. We benefit from the fact that we work with the app on German servers and can exchange information about things like invoices or the results of the month with a certain level of security. My employees also like the fact that they can use the app both on their mobile devices and on their PCs.

We also have an archive in the app where you can find important information.

 We use this not only internally, but also with our members. We used the feedback module intensively at our last conference. Afterwards, we asked the participants: "How did you like the hotel? "How did you like the individual speakers?" This is very valuable for us, so that we can be more responsive to the wishes of our members at the next conference.

What we use frequently is the notification tool.

This is very helpful because I can send information to our members with just a few clicks. The members then see the messages directly on their cell phones, which is even faster than with our newsletter, since the smartphone is often handy anyway. It is very practical that we can choose to which target group we want to send these notifications. Also that we can time when it goes out and we can see which members have seen it.

We previously communicated exclusively by e-mail and also often sent out information via newsletter.

Now we divide that up and we can also divide up who gets what information. Because some info is not interesting for all members, that's why it doesn't go in the newsletter. For example: We are a member of the international garden association. If there is something new, we send it specifically to the 20 members who work internationally. The app is excellent for communication.

I came across the HUMANSTARSapp because one of our members, Heiko Mencke, recommended it to us.

I then spoke with Mr. Setzer and realized that this app would also suit our association. Especially in the beginning, we got a lot of support from HUMANSTARSapp to build up our content the way we needed it. It was all very quick and to the point. It's a very user-friendly app, which is why the launch phase wasn't very long."

Heiko Schneider is the owner of two companies in Hoyerswerda: the hair salon HaarSchneider with over 30 employees and the company friseur.digital, which offers digital solutions for the hairdressing industry. Since the company was founded in 2004, the entire team has grown to more than 40 employees. Schneider manages the challenging communication with the HUMANSTARSapp.

"A modern and digital support for daily operations".

"When we introduced the HUMANSTARSapp many years ago, it was a bit of a challenge technically, because hairdressers are not necessarily very tech-savvy. Nevertheless, it was not difficult to convince our employees of the new tool, since we have a very young team and they have already grown up with smartphones these days. There was also support from our office: we realized that it was necessary to have an administrator and contact person for all employees in case there were any technical problems.

All important information is available in one place

That's why our employees quickly recognized the added value. For everyday use, the minutes of our team meetings are particularly important. For example, if someone was on vacation and couldn't attend the meeting, they can easily find out what was discussed there in the app. And the practical thing is that you can get all the information at the time that suits you, whether it's on the train, in the bathtub or on the couch in the evening. We also use seemingly trivial things like phone lists or event schedules a lot, because everything is right there in the app.

We can now introduce new products with videos

What our employees particularly like are the product presentations. For example, when a company launches a new skincare product, we get all the info on how to use it as a PDF and video. But we used to have a hard time sharing the videos with employees because there was no consistent place to do it and the files are too big for email. So we only had photos and a written description to go with them. Now we just upload the videos to the app, and employees can watch them on their own phones whenever they want.

With the employee app, we show the outside world that we have a modern setup

Our trainees also show the app to their colleagues at vocational school. That's important for employer branding. Having our own employee app shows that we are modern as a company. That's definitely something that radiates outward, especially to young people. We also give new employees access to the app before their first day at work. So they know what to expect before they even come to the company for the first time. They can already read our quality manual or our philosophy, or view initial appointments. That makes the onboarding process much easier for us.

Always up to date thanks to push notification

We have three or four people who fill in the content and provide information from the various areas: Merchandise management, warehouse, products. Thanks to the push function, I see immediately when something new has been added and don't have to check the app every day. It's also very important for me that everything in the app is DSGVO-compliant and that I can look up who has read which information and who hasn't in the event of a dispute. That makes the tool simply professional.

The app is part of the development of our company

We started in 2004 with two employees, now we are 32 in the team of HaarSchneider hair salon. With the growth it became necessary to improve the organization and that's where the HUMANSTARSapp helped us a lot. The bigger a company gets, the harder it is to distribute information so that everyone gets it. Our employee information 1.0 was a flipchart that was in the hallway. Then came Employee Information 2.0, a screen in the break room that constantly ran a PowerPoint presentation with all the information. And finally, Employee Information 3.0: The app was logical in terms of the company's development.

Information is the be-all and end-all in a company. The HUMANSTARSapp is an absolutely modern solution for it

The main problem with our previous information channels was that employees didn't have access to information at all times. If someone was on vacation, for example, it became difficult: How do you get the next event date across, the next team meeting, the new product information? It was then clear that we needed a platform where all information was available to employees at all times. Distributing information is the biggest challenge in any company with more than 20 employees. With the HUMANSTARSapp, we have an absolute solution, because everyone has a smartphone. And that ultimately improves the climate in the company. The app is mandatory for us, and all employees use it. It is an important work tool for us, a modern and digital support for daily processes.

It makes a difference if I have to bring something or if I say: I make it available and everybody has to get it

What is essential for me as an entrepreneur is that with the app we have reversed the obligation to bring information into a duty to fetch it. Without the app, it worked like this: I had to get the date for the next team meeting to 32 people somehow - on the flipchart, in an email, on a piece of paper, whatever. But it was up to me to make sure it got there. Now it's much easier: I write it in the app and the staff has to read it. When they do it doesn't matter. I make it available, and they have to go get it. That way, no one can say, I didn't know, I don't know, I wasn't told..."

Master baker and confectioner Albrecht Kauderer has been managing the Kauderer Bakery in Heiningen near Göppingen together with his wife Angelika Kauderer since 2011. Founded in 1905, he is now the fourth generation to run the bakery. Today, the family business has 12 branches and 116 employees, and has been connecting them all with the HUMANSTARSapp since 2014.

"Communicate faster and more"

"If there's a lot of a particular loaf of bread left in a store at 4 p.m., colleagues simply write it into the app. We see that, have it picked up, and distribute it to other stores that can still use some of it. That's what the HUMANSTARSapp has changed for us: If an info needs to go out quickly, it's with the employees within seconds. Communication has improved significantly in the company because it's so easy.

Our employees were familiar with the app in no time at all

This speed with which we can deliver messages to employees was one of the main reasons why we introduced the app at our company. An employee survey had previously shown us that the topic of communication was sometimes quite sluggish. The employees were very open to the app. This is nothing new for them: they have dozens of apps on their cell phones anyway, were familiar with the operation in no time at all, and thought it was great that they could communicate more quickly with it.

With the app, we can also quickly send out last-minute changes in the deployment plan

We now use the HUMANSTARSapp to send out the schedules of all our stores. The store managers post them there and our sales staff can check at any time when and where they have to work. Even if there are changes at short notice, for example in case of illness, they can adjust the schedules within a short time. This is so important for us because it saves a lot of time. In just a few seconds, everyone is informed. In addition, we have the possibility to see who has read the message, which is not traceable on paper.

From circulation folders to digital software

Previously, we printed notifications and deployment plans on paper, which were then circulated from branch to branch in folders. It usually took half a day for the information to reach everyone. The younger employees in particular probably didn't even notice the notes beforehand. These days, they do everything on their cell phones anyway. We also communicated by e-mail, but that was difficult because we didn't have the e-mail address of every employee. In addition, you had to type in each address individually.

Everything goes smoother and faster now

In the app, however, everyone is created and we have predefined groups. So when I send something to the saleswomen, only they get it. I just write the text, select the group and send it off. It's all much quicker and smoother! Another advantage is security: We don't like to communicate internal matters in emails or messenger apps. Marcel Setzer guarantees that nothing can be tapped on the HUMANSTARSapp. So we know about things that not every stranger needs to know: It's definitely kept safe here.

The introduction went smoothly and we are well looked after

For the launch, we got detailed instructions and a list of things we had to deliver: our logo, all the areas we wanted to have in the app. We had two or three more phone calls back and forth to discuss finer points - and with that, the app was programmed. I still find the support very good today. If something comes up and I write to them, I get an answer within a very short time.

The HUMANSTARS team is not a bit out of touch

I also know Marcel Setzer personally. You can just talk to him normally, even though he has a doctorate. Things like that count for me, too. He and his team are not a bit aloof or condescending. I don't take that for granted these days, but it's very important to me when it comes to my business partners.

In the tiles we store information that employees can access at any time

I think the app has a good structure: It is divided into news and information for us. The news is read once and then moves to the bottom when new ones come in. The information is sorted into tiles that always remain visible and we can create as many of them as we want.

For example, we have a tile for monthly sales promotions, or one for new bakery and pastry products. There we put a photo of the product, a description, the ingredients, allergens and special features. Then the sales assistants know immediately when a new loaf arrives and can access the information at any time. We can also add a photo to the individual tiles, which brings them to life.

The app is like a digital archive: Nothing gets lost anymore

With the tiles, we have the possibility to provide information neatly broken down by specific areas, which then no longer gets lost and can be read permanently. The app thus functions like a digital archive.

Almost the whole team uses the app voluntarily - and I also use it several times a day

Then there's the chat function, where anyone can write to anyone, both in groups and in private chats. But by far the most used by our employees is the messaging function, which certainly accounts for 90 percent. They can also set push notifications so they always see when there's something new. We won't tell our team to use the app, but apart from two or three older ladies in sales who don't have a smartphone at all, all employees have it installed - which is actually a matter of course, otherwise they would have to find out all the information second-hand because everything is now only communicated via the app. I use it myself several times a day to send messages and post notifications, both on my cell phone and on my office computer, where the app is also installed.

Thanks to the app, employees are up to date and there are no secrets

We have weekly meetings with the bakery management. We record the results of these meetings in writing and post them on the app so that everyone can see what was discussed. Our "IOC" - information from the cockpit - also ends up in the app. Every two months, we summarize what has happened in the company, for example, when new team members or branches have joined. This was a point that our employees had previously criticized: That they often didn't know what was going on. With the IOC, we are countering this. I think it's good not to keep secrets and to keep employees up to date.

The app helps us retain employees

When we hire new employees and tell them we have this app, many of them are thrilled. Most of them didn't have it at the previous company, because only a few bakeries have something like this in use. So they still see it as something special and think it's great. And the enthusiasm remains because they notice that we communicate faster and more with the app and that this promotes an open corporate culture.

Melanie Koch started working at her parents' REWE Koch supermarket in Adenau in 1999. She has managed the store as owner since 2011. For the team of 65 employees today, the HUMANSTARSapp has been part of everyday work for around 12 years.

"It's hard to imagine life without the app: we don't even know how we could have done without it"

"Corona and the 2021 flood - we are directly affected here in the Ahreifel region - have put us in an absolutely exceptional situation: constantly new regulations and many absences due to illness because of the high psychological stress caused by the flood disaster. We actually only manage this through the HUMANSTARSapp, with which the flow of information is almost seamless.

We save 30 minutes of handover time every day

Our employees receive up-to-date daily information even before they start work, which is the most important thing. Above all, handing over shifts is easier and faster. I already document everything over the course of the shift, take photos and put them in the app with a note. This means I no longer have to stand there with a notebook during handovers and explain everything to my colleague. Before, we had 30 minutes of overlap per shift, but that's no longer necessary. We save this working time and can use it for other things.

We were already fast as a jet plane before, but with the app we have reached the speed of light

Before we had the app, I wrote messages on slips of paper and distributed them to employees' mailboxes. I had to figure out each time what goes in which mailbox. In the app, groups are set so everyone gets the right information automatically. It's faster and more reliable. Many employees also want to prepare from home, so they know: What's coming up for me today? This flow of information is simply brilliant! We were already good before, were on the move with a jet plane, so to speak. But with the HUMANSTARSapp, we have reached the speed of light.

I need both young and experienced employees in the market - it's the same with the information channels

Nevertheless, the app has not replaced our mailboxes, but complemented them. It's like the generation mix among employees: I couldn't run the store completely without experienced colleagues, but I equally need the young people to bring in new ideas - and both learn from each other. The app has made us fast and effective, expanded our capabilities. But everyone has kept their inboxes and we still do our rosters on paper, for example.


We have been using the app forever

We introduced the app a good twelve years ago, which is really a long time ago. At that time, the challenge was that many employees didn't have smartphones and some didn't even know how to use them. So I provided iPads and hired computer experts to introduce these employees to the topic so that they could all look at the app before starting work in the store. That took a lot of effort and was also a big deal in terms of cost. But I like to do pilot projects and I'm always very brave when it comes to things like that.

When it was first introduced, employees were skeptical; today we don't even know how it could have worked without it

When I presented the whole thing at a staff meeting, there was a lot of resistance at first: the younger colleagues jumped up and defended the older ones, saying that they couldn't operate it and that I couldn't expect them to. I thought that was great! But then I explained the plan with the iPads and the introductory lessons. I really went through every single employee and thought about: How can he or she use the app? They understood that, too, and were totally excited. The reaction to the tool itself was a bit like when the iPhone came out: You ask yourself, who needs a thing like that? The employees said, we can already do all that with the notes. And today we don't even know how we could have done without it!

It is important that employees can separate free time and working time

The employees all have the app installed on their private cell phones. But it's important to me that they can still separate their free time from their working time, that it takes place within a framework that can be hidden during their free time. That's why they're allowed to uninstall the app when they're on vacation, for example. If you need to contact someone in an emergency then, we use other apps. But we don't discuss internal matters there. Because of data security, this is only possible in the HUMANSTARSapp, which is very important to us!

Employee apps are taken for granted among trainees today, but the HUMANSTARSapp is number one

Today, applicants no longer ask whether we have an employee app. When I mention it, it's taken for granted, especially among trainees: the younger the employees are, the more normal they find it. But conversely, it would be a problem if I didn't have one! In addition, the HUMANSTARSapp stands out: Some employees have had experience with similar tools in other jobs and some say: the HUMANSTARSapp is easier than similarly complex systems, so it's number one!

As a graduate educator, I think it's great to use the app as motivation

Before I took over the store in 2011, I completed a degree in education. When we at REWE heard about the app, we jumped on it right away. As an educator, I thought it was great to use something like this as motivation. The employees feel more comfortable because the flow of information is better. Misinformation means uncertainty. That, as well as different levels of information, we can avoid with the app."

Walter Stuber has been the managing partner of Gemeinhardt Service GmbH für Spezialgerüstbau for 21 years, together with Dirk Eckart. Their 47 employees at three branches have been using the HUMANSTARSapp since 2014 for digital training and to always be informed.


"A time savings that will allow us to cut back to 35 hours!"


"If I have a hot topic that I want to share with my coworkers, I usually post it myself, maybe with a picture to go with it, because it's not a huge administrative burden. Just yesterday I did a Covid test and uploaded the negative result there. About every three days I post something, even vacation greetings for example. I can choose who receives the message: the trainees, the office staff or just individual colleagues. It's very simple to use. I find it easiest to use on a tablet or PC, as everything is quite small on a cell phone, but even there it works relatively well.


The simple operation has convinced me


How easy the HUMANSTARSapp is to use was already one of the reasons why we chose it back then: Both in entering information and in recording. I got to know the app at a seminar. I was so enthusiastic about it that I introduced it to the company. However, the introduction was not a decision made by the management, but by the commercial employees. After all, I can't introduce anything that the employees don't support.


I have already successfully recommended the app to other entrepreneurs several times


Since we started using the app, I've often recommended it to other entrepreneurs and it's been successful from time to time. They were usually convinced that faster communication is possible. I create employees directly with their function and position - for example, as a trainee - and can then send information specifically to selected circles. Compared to other apps with a chat function, this has the clear advantage that I don't have to create different groups first.


Communicating when you're on assembly - that's now also possible


Our employees are on site throughout Germany and spread across three branches. Communication that works can't be taken for granted. That's why everything that goes out to our employees runs via the app. With it, we have our own system where we can easily discuss the weekly schedule, for example. During Corona, we also started meeting every four weeks for a staff meeting via Zoom, and we're continuing this with the help of the HUMANSTARSapp: a link in the app takes you directly to the digital meeting.


We now only do our training via the app


A second need that the app fills for us is to train employees. A training app like we need didn't exist ready in 2014. With the HUMANSTARSapp, we were able to customize the training ourselves instead. Now we regularly post training programs for people to read themselves, making it relatively easy to do. To do this, we upload various file formats, which is optimal: we use videos and audio as well as texts. Employees can view the content on their own and we check their knowledge once a month via a questionnaire. We get the results individualized for each employee and thus have direct feedback on whether the content was understood.


I can offer employees more free time


Before we were able to organize the training sessions via the app, we used to meet three or four times a year for a whole day, or sometimes on Fridays for an hour. No one is thrilled to have to put so much time into it. But I have to train the employees. And with the app, I can now offer them more free time. They can do the training when it suits them, for example, when they're driving the truck to the construction site as a co-driver.


Through the app we can go down to 35 hours


The app means a time saving for us: very specifically for the employees in the commercial area about 8-10 percent, the scaffolders save a good 3 percent through the training courses. We are currently in the process of reducing to a 35-hour week with the same pay as for 40 hours. The fact that this is possible is also thanks to the HUMANSTARSapp!


Everything important for occupational safety available at any time


Employees can also find all the important information about the company in the app, such as the common good economy, values and missions, and occupational safety. For example, assembly processes such as drilling in asbestos: We record everything that employees need to know about this once on video and post it. Everyone can then read it at any time and it doesn't have to be explained over and over again.


Some were skeptical at first, but those who want to be up to date need the app


We had to overcome a few hurdles when we launched the app. Scaffolders simply tick differently than engineers, for example. Many of them said, "I'm not getting this nonsense on my personal phone. So we equipped the foremen with a tablet, and the site managers already had them. Gradually, the scaffolders got annoyed because some of the information passed them by, so they ended up installing the app. Some were even skeptical about whether we could use it to monitor them, for example, when they were where. But of course we can't and don't want to. In the meantime, the app is mandatory for all employees. Even the older employees in their 50s and 60s no longer complain, and our 14 trainees have no problem at all with it.


What I like most: That I know when a message has been read by everyone


When I set a notification in the app, I can see who has already read it. That usually takes a few days because many have turned off push notifications. But if I post the invitation to the Christmas party there, for example, I know when it has reached all employees. So nothing gets lost anymore and I find that very convenient."

For more than 20 years, the management consultancy Business Pool GmbH has been dealing with the employee life cycle in companies. In doing so, managing partner Günther Wurm accompanies well-known companies in the areas of talent attraction, recruiting, onboarding, further development and retention of employees as well as leaving. Since 2020, Wurm and his team have been working with and recommending the HUMANSTARSapp to their clients. Their own 15-person team therefore puts the app to the test internally time and again.  

"For employees and companies only advantages!"

"When we started using the HUMANSTARSapp, it was never about our own communication within the company. Rather, we noticed how difficult it is for customers to provide employees with all the information they need and, in addition, to provide all employees with the same quality of information on different topics. This was the starting point of our search for a 'problem solver'. We found what we were looking for with the HUMANSTARSapp. Since 2020, we have been recommending the app to our customers and helping them to build it up.

Helpful tool to accompany the employee life cycle

If you look at the employee lifecycle, I think you can use the app in all relevant areas. In onboarding, for example, I have the option of providing all the information that could be relevant for a good start for a new employee in the HUMANSTARSapp. From my point of view, this has several effects: On the one hand, employees feel valued and in good hands right from the start; on the other hand, the thirst for knowledge about the new employer is greatest, especially at the beginning. During ongoing operations, the HUMANSTARSapp helps to provide employees with the latest information and keep them up to date. Fun should not be neglected either. During the European soccer championship, the app's developers created the possibility to bet on the winners.

In almost every company, employees feel insufficiently informed

In our consulting projects, we see time and again that one of the biggest points of criticism from employees is communication: they feel they are not informed enough or not at all. The HUMANSTARSapp helps to improve both interdepartmental and intradepartmental information. In addition, the company's obligation to bring information to the company becomes, at least in part, an obligation of the employees to fetch it, because all relevant information can be stored in the app and found via the search mode.

Language barriers? The app helps there, too!

I see the multilingualism of the HUMANSTARSapp as another plus point. This makes communication with employees from many different nations much easier. Especially in the production of industrial companies or in the hotel industry, people from different countries or even continents work. In order to provide these employees with information and facilitate communication, the HUMANSTARSapp has a translation function. All content is translated into the respective language. Currently, there are just over 100 different languages covered by the HUMANSTARSapp.

Data protection is always secured

Another thing that must not be forgotten in this day and age is the issue of security. Information can, if the company does not want it, only be read but not forwarded. This prevents 'sensitive data' from falling into the wrong hands. It is just as important to delete the chat history on the employee's cell phone when they leave the company. With the HUMANSTARSapp, all it takes is the push of a button and the entire chats are no longer available on the cell phone.

I see very great potential in the app for training programs


Our customers are currently using the app in very different ways: some as a replacement for the intranet, others as a communication tool. For example, I also see great potential for recurring instructions, training sessions or training series. The connected question tool gives the company the opportunity to ask control questions about the videos and thus check whether the employees have understood everything correctly.

Another very interesting component of the HUMANSTARSapp is the survey tool. This tool enables companies to survey the mood in their own company on current topics and to act accordingly. For example, we conduct large surveys in the company on behalf of our customers, present the results to the management or executives, derive measures and check the effectiveness of the measures with the survey tool of the HUMANSTARSapp in the company.

We test the app: From practice for practice

Our consultants need to know about the app at all times when they go to the client: What can the HUMANSTARSapp do, where are its advantages, where are its disadvantages? And how can I solve the customer's challenges with this app? To this end, we test the app ourselves - from practice for practice - and have also introduced it in our company for this purpose. For our own team, however, we use it rather less and do not exhaust all the possibilities. With 15 employees, we are a relatively small team, and most of the problems that the app can solve don't arise yet.

Nevertheless, it is also a valuable communication tool for us, which we use as a repository of information: for all relevant company information such as values, rules of the game, organizational chart, to inform about new marketing campaigns and also simply about who is working in the home office today or who is sick. It is - also in our small team - a very good way to communicate with the employees.

The app cannot replace a personal conversation with the manager


All in all, the HUMANSTARSapp is a very good "information store" for employees to know about all relevant news in the company. However, the app should not be used to reduce the personal conversation between managers and employees to a minimum - we have already experienced this as well. Instead, the time saved can be used for employee motivation and personal conversations between managers and employees.

From experience I recommend to use only one channel

The acceptance of the app as a new communication platform always depends on how it is introduced: Do I leave all previous information channels to the employees and only use the app as an additional channel? Or do I gradually turn off all other channels in order to increase the use of the HUMANSTARSapp? From my experience, I can say: you should shut down all other channels relatively quickly. Because you always have to consider: The more channels I have, the more misinformation there is potentially. Then often no one knows what's current. With just one channel, I can also keep the maintenance of the data as small as possible, because I need employees, a content team, to post the content and keep it up to date. So if I have only one channel for everything, I save resources.

The company benefits from motivated employees - and motivated employees are what every company wants!

If we now consider all points, the app has only advantages for both sides - those of the company and those of the employees. The employees are well informed, enjoy receiving the latest information with the HUMANSTARSapp and perhaps even complete further training programs via the app. The company in turn benefits from motivated employees - and motivated employees are something every company wants to have!

Frank Simmeth founded the training company Simmeth-Training 20 years ago. He has been using the HUMANSTARSapp with his Webiflix brand as a portal for his customers for almost two years.

"The HUMANSTARSapp has solved many of our problems".

"I am a fan of the HUMANSTARSapp, but we use it differently than other companies. We founded the Webiflix brand, a digital training channel. Our goal is to better integrate the topics of continuing education and learning into employees' everyday business. We have thousands of participants in our live seminars, to whom we provide all the information collected in the app. We now have 2,500 registrants.

The big advantage of the HUMANSTARSapp is that we have a construct that we can heavily customize

From our customers' point of view, we don't have a HUMANSTARSapp, but a Webiflix app. This does a lot for our public image and is an enormous competitive advantage for us over other providers. The fact that we have an app convinces many people to book seminars with us.

The employees get an access for the app and find the accesses for the live trainings in it.

But recordings, follow-up material and additional information about our events are also located there. We have also set up a chat portal so that participants of a web seminar can exchange information after a session, about everything they have heard before.

Our initial issue was that we thought we needed many different tools for online training.

That, in turn, would have made life harder for our speakers. We needed an app as a hub for all our information and as a place where our customers could ask questions. Klaus Kobjol and we have been friends for a long time. So in conversation we came up with the idea that we could use the HUMANSTARSapp. It solved a lot of our problems.

In the beginning, we first had to adjust to convincing people about the app.

I have an enthusiasm for technology, but not everyone does. There are people who can't even charge the battery of a phone; they are overwhelmed by digital tools. And once we've convinced the managers of our idea, they have to make sure that the employees go along with it. With 1,000 employees, that's a long way down the road. Our job then is to keep at it. Staying patient, answering all questions and understanding problems. At our first event, for example, we didn't have an audience: the manager had forgotten to send out the link. But we've learned from such problems and have been steadily improving ourselves and the app ever since.

My main selling point is that participants are much more actively engaged in their continuing education than they would be without the app.

I believe that digital training is the future. And the numbers prove me right: Webiflix now accounts for about 40 percent of our business. I'm convinced that one of the main reasons for this success is working with the HUMANSTARSapp."

Klaus Heinrich is managing partner of the consulting firm Schaffer und Kollegen. The HUMANSTARSapp is used in his company as an internal and external communication medium.

"The app makes internal communication quite straightforward"

"In our company, every employee uses the app. We've been using it for six years and are really very convinced. At the time, I was knocking down open doors with my team when I introduced the app to them. As consultants, we thrive on communication. But confidentiality is just as important. And that's exactly what the HUMANSTARSapp combines.

We use the app as an internal communication medium and for external communication.

It has all the functions that other providers have, but is more secure. When we need to exchange large amounts of data that are subject to confidentiality in corporate transactions during succession planning, we grant the respective client access to our HUMANSTARSapp. We can then exchange data via this tool. The background to this is that all of the app's data hosting runs on German servers and we no longer have to worry about building firewalls or anything like that, because it's all already in place. That makes it much easier for us to communicate. Otherwise, we would have to share this data via other providers, which is simply too insecure for us in times of cybercrime.

When I was looking for a suitable app, I wanted to find a communication medium that would allow us to define different groups of participants with whom we communicate without much effort. I then found what I was looking for right on our doorstep: We already knew both Klaus Kobjoll with the Schindlerhof and Marcel Setzer.

What my employees particularly like about it is quite banal: that there is an app at all.

Because this makes internal communication very uncomplicated. They can also form small groups to exchange information about specific projects.

Before that, we had the good old telephone.

But there was always the danger of running into the void and having to call several times until you reached someone. And now you can simply write a message and get an answer pretty quickly.

The clarity is very pleasant, as is the user-friendliness.

It is easy to understand and you quickly get used to it. And if there are any problems, it is only a very short way to the developers. No matter what question or need: We get a quick answer.

We have already recommended the app to some of our clients.

Especially those who have topics to discuss in various project groups. But also to those who have multiple sites or branches and can't talk to each other face-to-face."

Nicole Kobjoll has been managing the Schindlerhof near Nuremberg with around 50 employees in the second generation since April 2000. She is, together with her father Klaus Kobjoll, the initiator and since the first hour idea giver of today's HUMANSTARSapp.

"An ideal tool for creating optimal conditions for good good work performance."

"The HUMANSTARSapp is a product of my pregnancy: I was not allowed to work while heavily pregnant and drove everyone crazy with my constant calls at work. This is how my wish for an app for information and communication in the company came about. My husband, Marcel Setzer, fulfilled this wish for me with his team and since the first version we have developed it further together with our employees and the programmers.

Initially, it was an app just for the Schindlerhof. We won the special prize for knowledge and Work", we won the special prize for knowledge and competence.

In seminars, we presented the app as part of our corporate culture, and so over time more and more companies came to want to have such an app as well. Today, the app is used in hundreds of companies, not only in Germany, but in other countries in Europe and in the USA. At the Schindlerhof, we can no longer imagine life without app use. We need the HUMANSTARSapp every day for our tuning, in all areas of performance, because it shows our success mirror: sales, projections, forecasts; also rosters, target plans, the annual report and minutes of management meetings. All in one app. We're transparent. We want the people who work here to be co-entrepreneurs. You can't think and take responsibility unless you have all the information at your fingertips. And it's always amazing what conclusions employees draw. During the economic crisis over ten years ago, for example, a carpenter noticed that we were spending money to have the mail picked up. Of course, 50 euros doesn't put us in the black, but every little contribution - 50 here, 100 there, or a thousand - discovering such potential savings helps enormously in hard times. That's where
gets the term that has been closely associated with this transparency since Corona: Killing the Dragon. That we slay the dragons together when they are at the door. Everyone can really contribute to this. And as a company, you'd be stupid not to get your team on board.

The HUMANSTARSapp is like a kind of Schindlerhof wiki, where employees can also look way back if they are interested.

In addition, there are daily news - you see a small one next to the icon in the app and know: There is something new, for example, the duty roster in the kitchen service area. The video conferencing application has also been very useful since the Corona days. It has helped us a lot to stay in touch with everyone despite closed operations. Also because of this, we have hardly lost any people, which makes me very happy. I used the app twice a week during that time to provide information, for example, on Corona aids and how we were all doing. Everyone was informed at all times. Through the app, we reach all employees, whether they are currently on maternity leave, students on dual study, or the people who are off. You no longer have to call to get information, such as the new duty roster - that's antediluvian.

The app also integrates idea management, abbreviated CIP for "continuous improvement process," a term from quality management.

The goal is for everyone at Schindlerhof to come up with an idea at least once a month that contributes to personal well-being or the well-being of our guests, is good for the environment, or simply washes sand out of the gears. Everyone is expected to play an active role in shaping the operation. We do this because people are creatures of habit: they quickly get used to adverse circumstances. We always lovingly check up on them. And it's cool when you see your good idea being implemented. That motivates me, too. At some point, we noticed that good ideas were being repeated by employees. So we decided to put idea management in the app, so you can see
when an idea has already been expressed and whether it has been implemented. You can also like ideas here or apply to have them implemented. By the way, this is how I became a beekeeper - our guests now enjoy Schindlerhof honey on the breakfast buffet. The idea came from one of our cooks.

In addition to idea management, we also use the MAX Star Index via the app.

MAX used to stand for Employee Share Index, but that doesn't really fit anymore. The MAX is our instrument for reflecting on the individual. Tuning, which I mentioned at the beginning, is the reflection for the performance areas; MAX is about the individual. We developed the tool with the Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences.
Today, every employee fills out a questionnaire every month and gets points for their answers. It's about further training, contributing ideas, what the employee perceived as the highlight of the month for him or herself, and questions about identification with the company. If, for example, someone is annoyed about something and reveals this in MAX, then I have the opportunity to intervene and eliminate disruptive factors. Everyone in the company fills out this questionnaire, and the effects are exclusively positive. Once a month, two people get a gift. Once the one who is in first place in the MAX, with the highest total score, and the one who has achieved the highest score in that month. So, theoretically, you can be in 30th place in the overall standings, but still be the winner in a month.

The fact that you can get in touch with everyone quickly is something our employees like.

The HUMANSTARSapp is not just an information tool. Imagine getting your duty roster. This is a very important thing for everyone. You can write in right away: Hey, could we switch?
Personally, what I love about the app is that I can see how things are going at any time. That's what I grew up with: When I was a kid, my dad would call every day when we were on vacation or when he was giving a lecture somewhere and ask if there were any problems and how sales were looking.

The app definitely lowers the hurdle for employees to engage in exchange with their bosses. It promotes connections, makes them - that's how I see it - fair ties to some extent - at eye level.

Open-door policy is fine - but if you're not there, your employees have to be able to reach you. As an entrepreneur, you have to want that, of course. But that's exactly what young people are demanding today. It's a major plus for SMEs: the tangibility of the boss. In large companies, that's difficult. But with the HUMANSTARSapp, every company can ensure that. It opens doors. Another advantage: we work almost paperless and communication is faster. In the past, if I needed something from a trainee, I would write a memo, print it out, put it in the mailbox and wait until he was back at work to answer me. Maybe he had two days of school or time off....

I think it's important that technology is fun, makes life easier and doesn't dictate anything. dictates.

We've already had private cooking classes through the app, and we use it for events, too. Imagine: a wedding. But the little girl in the old people's home or the aunt from Timbuktu can't be there. With the help of the HUMANSTARSapp you can connect them in a video conference, all DSGVO compliant. You can have the grandma and aunt watch the party the whole time and livestream them for a minute so they can give the bride and groom some nice words. I think we are the only ones that offer something like this. Why actually?

The fact that operational communication runs entirely via the app puts us in a good mood because, when we meet, there is time for personal exchange.

We have time to talk about other things that are just beautiful or funny. Passing a driver's license test, for example. You don't have to talk about technical stuff so much anymore, it's all done via the app, even work sheets. You get to know your people much better because you can talk about other things than just business. Everyone has noticed that very positively.

We also connect with more than 70 alumni through the HUMANSTARSapp.

Once a week, there's an update for our former employees via the app. This used to be done via social networks, but it's now a natural thing to do via the app. Our goal is to have the right people on board and to offer them the best possible conditions so that they can realize their full potential and do a great job. The app is an ingenious and timely tool for this, even though person-to-person communication is the most important thing. Nice: The HUMANSTARSapp leaves more time for that!"

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