How HUMANSTARSapp accompanies your employees in the Employee Experience




With a focus on employer branding and employer value proposition (EVP), HUMANSTARSapp makes an important contribution to strengthening the employer brand and employee satisfaction. Employee Experience (EX) is becoming a relevant lever for employee satisfaction and motivation in companies. EX refers to all experiences of employees that are collected from the application for the corresponding position, through the entire employee journey, up to the point of leaving. A wide variety of experiences determine the quality of the relationship between employees and the company.

HUMANSTARSapp already supports you in recruiting with a good employee experience. Open positions can first be advertised internally on the intranet, where all job postings can be found and from where employees can apply directly via our digital forms. Prioritizing an internal job posting and addressing employees personally conveys appreciation and recognition (alternatively for external applicants: access form via QR code - on your website). We also support you during onboarding with our feedback module to optimally introduce your employees to work processes and to communicate procedures and the corporate culture to them. After leaving, alumni, employees on maternity leave (temporary), students, etc. can exchange information via the alumni network or stay in touch and informed with employees or departments in the company via HUMANSTARSapp.

With a social intranet tailored to your company, you promote communication in both directions: top-down and bottom-up. Information emanating from management reaches all employees in real time via app, PC or TV/infoscreens, just as it does when employees exchange information with each other. In addition, all employees can actively participate in discussions under posts, in open forums and communities, chats and video conferences. HUMANSTARSapp can significantly help to stem the email tide in companies by simply organizing questions, discussions, tasks, etc. in appropriate channels of the social intranet. This ultimately saves a lot of time.

Team rooms make it possible to design collaboration efficiently. The people involved can develop ideas, solve problems, organize tasks or drive projects forward. Above all, the chances that employees with HUMANSTARSinnovation can discuss ideas and suggestions for improvement as well as provide input in general increases the innovative capacity of your company. In addition, the corresponding opportunities and freedoms have a very positive effect on the corporate culture, the employee experience, the "we" feeling as well as the internal branding or corporate identity. Evaluate employee performance with HUMANSTARSindex and promote high potentials. This promotes EX through connection and satisfaction.

Our platform can be extended with all relevant HUMANSTARSapp modules as well as HUMANSTARSinnovation & HUMANSTARSindex to become your complete Employee Experience Intranet and significantly help you improve Employee Experience. Here, experiences and experiences for employees can be designed consciously. In addition, HUMANSTARSapp gives you the ability to initiate and maintain dialogue throughout. Your company can use this potential to increase employee satisfaction, strengthen the employer brand and turn employees into your brand ambassadors.

With our digital tools, employees, teams and locations can fully develop - via contacts, insights, tasks, goals and personal development.