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Digital collaboration tools

Further developed for 20 years with companies in practical use

With the collaboration platform for companies we develop digital collaboration tools in the areas of employee communication and information, agile working, quality and knowledge management, mission statement as well as leadership in the company to connect existing technologies and people.

The tools, which have been tried and tested in practice since 2002 in the Schindlerhof and across all industries at more than 700 companies in 120 countries, are all available online and mobile as stand-alone or as native app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and can be linked interactively as an option.

Your data are 100% on our servers in Germany (ISO 27001/EU-GDPR/100% green electricity) and are directly managed by us or are on-premise on your server on request.

We create "optimal digital conditions" for high performance teams.



Employee app & collaboration platform and customer portal for medium-sized and large companies

Tool 2


CIP/Kaizen, company suggestion scheme, quality and project management, projects, tasks, documents

Tool 3


Digitalisation of the mission statement, instrument for self-reflection, barometer of public opinion


Our turnkey solutions for medium-sized & large companies (distributed across multiple locations / decentralised production) - with direct connection to already existing systems (SAP, MS 365, Teams, SharePoint).



Employee App & Collaboration Platform and Customer Portal for SMEs and Large Enterprises
Holistic communication - fast accessibility and personalised interaction with all desk and non-desk employees & customers


In addition to the basic modules integrated in the employee app, you can also use turnkey ENTERPRISE solutions - exclusive & premium in your company's corporate design, including 24-hour set-up, guidelines for using the app in your company in compliance with data protection regulations, telephone & video training, 365-day telephone support.

Enterprise solutions are and individualised according to your company's specifications on servers in Germany or, if desired, on-premise on your server - optionally interactively linked with HUMANSTARSinnovation (company suggestion scheme, CIP, project management) as well as HUMANSTARSindex (instrument for self-reflection, employee and manager evaluation, 360° feedback) of the collaboration platform.

Reach all desk and non-desk employees faster via mobile, PC or digital signage. Our platform can either be expanded into an employee experience intranet itself or serve your (commercial) employees, especially frontline and blue collar workers without a fixed PC workstation, as a mobile access point to the existing intranet (SAP, Microsoft 365, especially Teams and SharePoint, Google Workspace) - the "front-door" with direct connection to already existing or frequently used systems or automated workflows via zapier, towards the digital workplace.

The system is ideally suited for holistic use as a customer portal or platform for secure personalised interaction with your customers and partners (login area in the respective look & feel of your customer with individual access rights to defined content & contact persons).

All HUMANSTARSapp ENTERPRISE features at a glance


All the basic functions integrated in the employee app include

Turnkey solutions for medium-sized and large companies

The collaboration platform is handed over to you completely turnkey, including Webex training and all updates. Afterwards you will be able to manage the system completely self-sufficiently and to adapt or extend pictures, contents, groups. We are always available for further questions and Webex trainings.

Quick setup of the native App & Browser version, phone & Webex trainings*, new features & updates, 365 days phone support including

* On request we support you with our academy in the implementation and realisation of the system in your company.

Employee App & Collaboration Platform EXCLUSIVE & PREMIUM

The employee app EXCLUSIVE is provided to you in our design (app icon on the mobile devices, branding of the loading and start screen) as an enterprise solution. The contents and features within the login area are all in your look & feel, ready to use and tailored to your company's specifications - similar to the PREMIUM employee app.

The Premium employee app is provided to you as an enterprise solution completely in your company's corporate design as a turnkey, native app and PC version. In addition to the internal area for employees, you can also exchange information and notifications individually in the app in the look & feel for customers. This information can then only be accessed by defined customers. The employee app PREMIUM is thus also ideally suited as a platform for secure communication and information with customers on German servers.

App icon on mobile devices, branding of the loading and start screen in our design (EXCLUSIVE) or in corporate design (PREMIUM)

Login area in corporate design, individual menu, wording & languages

The employee app is developed completely in your corporate design. Menu items, wording and languages will be adapted individually for your company. The login area can be graphically adapted at any time on request.

Number of users unlimited

The collaboration platform is based on a docker technology, so that the number of users is scalable at will.

Used data volume within the platform unlimited

An unlimited amount of data can be uploaded to the system. Files are compressed in the browser in original size and mobile for each individual mobile device to a minimum to minimize data consumption per user. Videos are streamed and start immediately.

Direct links / Connection of own tools

In the main menu, central and group-specific direct links to frequently used applications can be flexibly placed to access internal and external pages.

Your users can access these pages directly from the employee app (optional: access with VPN / single sign-on).


The app interface can be displayed in several languages, including Chinese. If desired, articles in over 109 languages can be automatically translated in real time.


Telephone and video conferencing & online meetings (additional module)

Dialing in is the new way of travelling. Video chats, web conferences with real-time meetings, training or presentations can replace many a costly meeting. For your meetings* now also use telephone and video conferences as well as online meetings analogous to Webex, including screen sharing, presentations, recordings, description & attachments, chat and taking minutes.

Invite entire departments, selected groups and individual users to video conferences or entire locations to online presentations with just one click - via push or email. Simply connect external users with an email including a direct link. Reach all employees and external participants who you can invite to meetings, consultations or training sessions - with end-to-end encryption.

Digital signage for frontline- and blue collar workers (optional)

News feeds can be displayed for frontline- and blue collar workers or groups as digital signage on browser-enabled TV/infoscreens, e.g. in break and recreation rooms.

Plugins based on our API / Connect own systems via interfaces or automated workflows via zapier - Active Directory/LDAPS, XML (optional)

Further own systems & applications can be connected via interfaces if desired. RSS feeds can be integrated directly from your homepage or with your existing intranet connection as activity streams into the employee app and vice versa.

Groups and users can be imported into the platform manually, via csv file or via Active Directory/LDAPS and updated at any time.

Mobile access point to Intranet, SAP, Office 365 & SharePoint (optional)

The collaboration platform is the central mobile access point for your (industrial) employees also to the existing intranet (SAP, Office 365 & SharePoint) - the "front-door" with direct connection to already existing or frequently used systems towards the digital workplace.

On-Premise Setup / own servers (optional)

The employee app can be made available on your server on request. Updates are always carried out flexibly in coordination with your company.

VPN / Single Sign-On / two-factor authentication (optional)

The access of your users to the collaboration platform and the links to your systems can be customized.


CIP/Kaizen, quality and idea management, company suggestion scheme, continuous improvement process, project management, agile working, tasks, to-do lists, documentation



Quality and idea management, company suggestion scheme, continuous improvement process, project management, agile working, tasks, to-do lists, deadlines, ticket system, documentation


The collaboration of employees through digital communication using the employee app & collaboration platform as a basis is ideally complemented by our toolbox: Project Management & Innovations (CIP/idea management) tool 2, which is interactively linked to the employee app.

With the project management you can work agile, manage whole projects, work together on documents, assign tasks, maintain personal to-do lists and transparently see who is doing what and what still needs to be done.

Your employees can work in project teams in a more focused way through more transparency & communication and thus contribute to an optimal allocation of resources and increased productivity of your company. With cross-functional collaboration and increasing communication, you sustainably promote a culture of cooperation. Your employees take on more responsibility and are additionally motivated. The continuous adaptation of the company to relevant customer needs and changing market conditions leads to more innovation.

Innovations, continuous improvement process (CIP), idea management can be depicted digitally and transparently for all employees, even across multiple locations. No idea is lost, employees receive direct feedback on their own ideas from the CIP managers or their executives via push message. The complete implementation of the tasks is documented and statistically evaluated. In this way, you know exactly how many ideas in total, compared to the previous year, were generated and implemented for the company, by which service area, by which employees, with which savings potential.

"At Schindlerhof, our team members generate between 600-800 ideas & suggestions for improvement per year with the CIP/Idea Management online and mobile with an implementation rate of 80%. Since 2002, we have been able to remove a great deal of sand from the gearbox with many ideas, innovations and, in some cases, smaller suggestions for improvement. With digital idea management, our employees can get involved in the Schindlerhof as if they were co-entrepreneurs. A culture of pride is sustainably created in the company" (Nicole Kobjoll).


All HUMANSTARSinnovation features at a glance:



Joint work on documents

Tasks and subtasks

To Do Lists

Deadlines and Status

Description of tasks

Attachments (files and documents)


Open ideas

All open ideas are presented in the system transparently for the whole team. Every employee can vote for the ideas, add or comment on existing suggestions for improvement and apply for the possible project. All ideas are clustered according to defined company areas and categories, such as cost savings, efficiency increase, USP, etc. If desired, employees can also submit their ideas and suggestions for improvement anonymously.

Ideas in process

Team leaders or category managers can accept or reject ideas. Reasons must be given for any rejection. The reasons are sent to the employee concerned by push message and are displayed transparently for all employees, e.g. using the search function. If the team leader accepts the idea, he or she decides who will take on which task or subtasks with which budget, deadline, etc. Employees in a project group can coordinate their ideas in a closed chat group.

Completed projects & ideas

All completed ideas can also be called up in the system using the search function. In this way, employees can see which ideas and projects have already been implemented.


CIP Dates

All relevant CIP dates, deadlines, project duration etc. can be displayed via the CIP calendar.

Auto-Push News

Employees are informed via push messages as soon as their project has been approved or rejected. If questions arise in the project group or a status change occurs, the project members are informed immediately by means of a push message. This ensures that all projects are pushed forward.


The statistics tool can be used to analyse exactly how many ideas & suggestions for improvement were submitted, compared to the previous year, from which area, broken down to each employee and which implementation rates with savings potential were generated. HUMANSTARSinnovation is optionally linked interactively with the HUMANSTARSapp and HUMANSTARSindex - an instrument for self-reflection. All stored documents can be retrieved.


Digitalisation of the mission statement, Instrument for self-reflection, employee self-reflection, leadership assessment & 360° feedback, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), mood barometer



Digitalisation of the mission statement, employee self-reflection, management evaluation, BSC, mood barometer, e-learning, checklists.


"Whoever does what he can already do will always remain what he already is" (Henry Ford).

"The work of the individual on himself, changes - unconsciously radiating - the whole society" (Karl-Friedrich von Weizäcker). This behaviour, according to the idea of Klaus Kobjoll, can be transferred analogously to the self-motivation and self-responsibility of an employee in his own company.

Every employee who, out of his own intrinsic motivation, continuously works on himself, regularly brings in his own ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the company processes and implements the initiated projects together with his team, takes advantage of further education and training offers of the company for himself and uses them for his personal development, identifies himself with his own company and contributes himself quasi as a "co-entrepreneur", he consistently develops himself further as a person and thus also contributes to the further development of the company as an employee.

Today, it is no longer sufficient to hold an appraisal interview once or twice a year. Instead, employees expect regular and transparent feedback from their managers on their performance. The same applies to managers in the company: only those who demonstrate enthusiasm can pass it on.

All HUMANSTARSindex features at a glance:


Employee self-reflection

The HUMANSTARSindex enables your employees to carry out a regular personal strengths and weaknesses analysis. Employees regularly evaluate themselves on the basis of company-specific criteria (self-reflection) and thus influence the course. The entries are read by the team leader. In case of strong deviations, a clarifying conversation takes place. The criteria/influencing factors, a mixture of hard and soft factors, as well as their weighting, are primarily defined to digitalize the mission statement.

Team Index & Balanced Scorecard

In addition to the player index PIX for individual employees, the team index TIX for the teams is also calculated. The price trends show the development of the respective units.

Company Index

The CIX community index reflects the price trend for the entire company.

360° Feedback

The same applies to managers in the company: only those who demonstrate enthusiasm can pass it on. With 360° feedback, employees evaluate their direct superior. This gives management a very good feeling for whether the cooperation between managers and their direct employees is really working well or whether problems are in the offing. The completed questionnaires go directly to the highest authority. Optionally, the questionnaire can be filled out anonymously by the employees.

Training videos with control questions

Learning videos with control questions can be used to ensure quality standards. Updated manuals can be provided regularly to employees or affiliates with control questions. This can also be used as evidence for external auditors.

Mood Barometer

With the mood barometer, the personal mood, the mood in the team as well as the mood in the company can be depicted precisely. This allows significant differences in mood between teams to be quickly revealed.



HUMANSTARSindex appointments, invitations etc. for employees with individual rights including push notifications

Push notifications

Ensure that your employees no longer miss important information, such as questionnaires, checklists or news, using push messages.


All questionnaires of the employee feedback system can be statistically evaluated. The employee usually only sees his own values and the averaged values of his team and the company as a whole. Managers see their teams. Management sees all questionnaires, comments and results. In statistics, all employees, teams, criteria etc. can be evaluated over longer periods of time using the data basis. This way, managers with access to the data can prepare themselves much better for upcoming employee meetings.

Why companies choose the HUMANSTARSapp collaboration platform

As a market leader in digital employee communication tools and employee engagement software, we have been helping over 700 companies securely connect existing technologies and people around the world for 20 years - on all devices with connections to existing systems. That's why customers give us an average rating of 4.8/5 stars (Capterra).

Josef Pölt

Board of Directors VR Bank Starnberg

"In advance, we tested various platforms with regard to security (Bafin/MaRisk), the desired functions of our employees, performance and usability. All relevant features such as blogs for logical groups of the bank, forums, GDPR-compliant chat, wiki, surveys, messages, employee directory, search and filter function, direct links and unlimited data volume are already included in the basic version of the employee app. The collaboration platform offers by far the best price-performance ratio on the market".

Johann Oberhofer

Head of Marketing VR Bank Starnberg

"With the employee app, we can communicate marketing/sales measures to the bank quickly and up to date. Since we can now reach all employees directly and without delay with push messages via multimedia, we have completely different ways of supporting initiatives. The settings are so simple that every employee in my department can post information. The fact that pictures and videos can also be uploaded increases the attractiveness of the publications and the medium".

HUMANSTARSapp Collaboration Platform – Prices

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You will find out your individual package price in 4 steps

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Choose one of our Enterprise packages:

for current web browsers, IOS (currently from version 8.0/iPad Air) and Android (currently from version 6.0)
Enterprise employee app (2 variants)

Employee app & collaboration tool in HUMANSTARSapp design

App icon on mobile devices, branding of the charging and start screen in HUMANSTARSapp design
  • Login area in corporate design, individual menu, wording & languages
  • Number of users - unlimited
  • Used data volume within the platform - unlimited
  • Direct links / Connection of own tools
  • Available in App Stores & Enterprise Stores

Employee app & collaboration tool in corporate design

App icon on mobile devices, branding of the charging and start screen in the corporate design
  • Login area in corporate design, individual menu, wording & languages
  • Number of users - unlimited
  • Used data volume within the platform - unlimited
  • Direct links / Connection of own tools
  • Available in Enterprise Stores
ENTERPRISE add-on modules:
Telephone and video conferencing
Screensharing, presentations, recordings, end-to-end encryption, invitation via push or mail, description & attachments, chat and record keeping.
Internal users: partial use (only selected users) also possible
External participants: use free of charge.


Automated mapping of special use cases
Workflows / business processes / forms
Vacation requests, sick notes, travel expenses, invoices, orders, pay slips (personal reuse)
1 TV channel in notifications (Java Script Full HD)
News feeds for blue collar workers as "news tickers" on browser-enabled TV/info screens, e.g., in break and lounge areas.
  • Turnkey ENTERPRISE solutions (incl. setup, phone & Video training, updates, 365 days phone support).
  • Compatibility with existing technical infrastructure (SAP, Microsoft 365, esp. Teams and SharePoint etc.)
  • Interfaces - Active Directory/LDAPS, XML
  • On-Premise Setup / own servers.
  • VPN / Single Sign-On / Two-Factor Authentication.

Additionally recommended tools:

Tool 2
Agile working, projects, tasks, subtasks, task lists, deadlines and status
Tool 3
Digital employee self-reflection, management evaluation, BSC, mood barometer, e-learning, checklists.

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the HUMANSTARSapp collaboration platform – the original since 2002

The idea of the collaboration platform was born in Schindlerhof.
Over the years, we have continuously developed the system in practical use.
The latest native platform was developed together with VR-Bank according to GDPR & MaRisk.
We have already convinced many medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises worldwide - become part of it.


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